Working Test Results 2014.
Background photo - Young Handler, Adam Johnson at Chatsworth by Sian Hampton.

Open Retriever Cold Game Working Test.
Castle Hayes, Tutbury, by kind invitation of Mr J Major and Family.
Sunday, August 17th.
Chief Steward - Becky Wilkinson.
Words and photos - Guy.

Judges - Dave Field, Steve Newitt and Ken Byron.

This Test is, traditionally, our last of the Season and is designed to be a curtain raiser for
the Trialling season giving handlers the chance to get their dogs
in the Beet under FT rules.
Normally oversubscribed and limited to 30, this one was down a little on entries as there were
two similar Tests on in other areas so we finished up with 23 on the card. 2 late withdrawals saw 21
dogs start the day, and, after a warm welcome from Becky and a few moments silence to mark
the recent sad passing of Dove Valley's founder, George Handley, we set off for the Beet.
Dave Field took the centre of the line with Steve on the left and Ken on the right.
During the first two rounds we stuck with marked retrieves in front and behind as we walked-up
and although relatively straight forward, some dogs did struggle.
With the odd casualty, we worked our way to one of Ann Blake's wondeful lunches leaving our
Judges in a huddle in the middle of the field doing their books! Suitably fed and watered we
started the third round with 10 dogs and I suffered some ((friendly) verbal abuse as the
late summer sky turned black and gave us all a short, sharp soaking.
Apparently, had I decided not to break for lunch, we would have finished before the rain!
I'll get it right one day! Blinds with distractions were the order of the day now as the Judges
tried to split the dogs. Dave was keen to keep things as realistic as possible and only asked handlers
to undertake the sort of retrieve you would expect on shoot days or Trials without going over the top.
With the third round complete and 7 dogs left, we had a drive with the dogs sat well back
behind the guns. All the shot "Game" was picked by hand and the dogs were sent through the
fall area to unseen birds further down the Beet. The lie of the land allowed a good view for the gallery
and some good work was seen with dogs finding their game well, and, when required, handling
well too in the strong wind. After another Judge's huddle the Test was declared over and we all
walked the short distance back to HQ to await the presentation.

Prize Winners and Judges - Left to right -
Stuart Arch with Woodpathe Doris - CoM. Vicky Stanley handling Patanauac Brough - CoM.
Winner - Polly Gibb with Killydudden Faeroe. Judges - Dave Field, Steve Newitt and Ken Byron.
Sally Morewood with Hackie Sack Hattie - Third.
Doug Ingall handling Autumnwill Squire of Connisbrook - Fourth.
and Ken Littlemore with Labdom Scoter of Middlebrook - Second

Polly was presented with The Merriwych Shield donated by our second Chairman,
the late Dennis Stevens and The Connie Trophy donated by
Jed Booth in memory of "A Very Special Dog". Polly was also awarded the Riverfleet Shield donated by
Cliff Brace for the Best Dog picked by the Guns and Stewards and a Wellie Boot Bag donated
by Laura Hill of Black Gundog and Stauntonvale Labradors.

Ken Littlemore was presented with the Northash Trophy donated by the Founder of Dove Valley,
George Handley, who sadly passed away in July.

The winners also received gifts from Countryman Fairs, The Countryman of Derby,
Countrywide Farmers, Sporting Saint, The Working Dog Company and The BASC.

A Proud Polly with Killydudden Faeroe
- AKA "Solo"!

We are extremely grateful to Mr Major and Family for allowing us to use their ground for this Test.
Thanks also to all our generous Sponsors and of course to our Stewards and Helpers who work
tirelessly to make our events run smoothly.

Good luck to you all for the coming Shooting and Trialling Season.

Novice and Puppy Retriever Working Test.
Westbrook Farm, Lullington, by kind invitation of Mr C Davidson and Mr K Turner.
Sunday, May 18th.
Photos by Ian Hookham and Guy.
Generously Sponsored by Countryman Fairs.

Judges - Novice.
Mr J Yarwood and Mr and Mrs D Probert.

Judges - Puppy. Mr K Turner
and Mrs W Pittaway.

Novice Test Winners - L to R.
 John Mee, 3rd with Willowyck Baxter. Suzanne Bailye, CoM with Leawyn Landsdown.
Charlotte Brailsford, CoM with Kendeci Cherry Blossom.
Lewis Butler, 2nd with Threevalleys Noble Mission. Gary Ellis, CoM with Lowforge Istrabraq.
Bill Williams, 4th with Heronsbrook Night Owl and Pete Bills, 1st with Fireflight Solo.

(Second place Lewis Butler was presented with the Northash Trophy donated by Dove Valley's founder,
George Handley and the Trophy for the best dog or bitch under 2 years old)

Puppy Test Winners - L to R.
Adam Cork's Osiacastle Pollys Field (Yellow) handled by John Mee, CoM and John Mee's own Koromas Briar Josey, 4th.
James Barnes with Almond Guss, 3rd. Anne Blake with Monwodelea Cabachon, CoM.
Bob Clay, CoM with Shangarrilyn Monty of Oncote. Alan Penney, 2nd with Garrethall Riana.

and, below, Winner, Dave Field with Artistryn Ulrich.
Dave was presented with The Dove Valley Puppy Shield.

Our generous host, Clifford Davidson, presents Novice Test Winner Pete Bills
with The Dove Valley Rose Bowl.

First to Fourth in both classes were presented with an engraved glass
very kindly donated by Countryman Fairs.

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Novice and Open A/V Spaniel Test.

Walton Hay.
Sunday, April 13th.

By kind invitation of Mr and Mrs J Ward.

Generously Sponsored by -
 Countryman Fairs,
Black Gundog and Sporting Saint.
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Judges. Mr S Adams and Mr N Satchwell.
Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.

Our last Spaniel Test of the season at this excellent ground was, again, very well supported
with 26 Novice Dogs from an original entry of 30 and 10 Open Dogs from 12 entered.
It was a bright but very cold and windy morning but the Tests went well with some good
dog work and equally good and competent judging.

Results  -  Novice.
First - Mr C Winnard with Merebrow Sibaya.
Second - Mr R Coles with Countryways Treecreeper.
Third - Tagkai Sloane handled by Mr S Clarkson.
Fourth - Graham Burton with Whiznic Wager.
Certificates of Merit were awarded to -
Mr P Johnson with Boundarymoor Lily of Merebrow.
Lisburne Jay (Cocker) handled by Mr R Cheetham.
Mrs P Linsdell with Jamian Canasta.
Thorneycourt Joker handled by Mr D Stone.

(All English Springers except where stated)

Results  -  Open.
First - Mr A Telfair with Skersmoor Maximus.
Second - Dave Moore with Rosebay Harvey.
Third - Terry Frost with Churchview Abs.
Fourth - Wrenmarsh Sweet Lady (Cocker) handled by Mr J Croft.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to -
Buccleuch Hamish handled by Mr J Dransfield.
Terry Frost with Buccleuch Olive.
Lisburne Judy (Cocker) handled by Ken Gaskell.
Mr P Johnston with Cheweky Runner Bean.
(All English Springers except where stated)

All our Lady Handlers were given a Pink Lanyard
very kindly donated by Laura Hill of Black Gundog

and the Winning Handlers were presented with an engraved
glass very kindly donated by Countryman Fairs
and a prize generously donated by Sporting Saint.
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Novice and Young Handler's Retriever Working Test.

Bradley Old Parks, Brailsford, by kind invitation of Pippa Player.
Sunday, April 6th.

 Photos  -  Matt Ingham.
Prizes very generously Sponsored by Black Gundog, Countryman Fairs and Sporting Saint.
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Judges - James Barnes, Sandra Braithwaite and Godfrey Lowe.

Our visit to this wonderful Estate is always eagerly anticipated by everyone who has had the
pleasure of having been there in the past and we are always made extremely welcome by Pippa
who, as a keen picker-up and Captain of her own shoot, loves to watch the dogs working.
Setting up Tests at a venue like this is a Working Test Secretary's dream as
there is everything you could possibly need to test the dogs in all situations.
The morning Tests started with a short walk-up, judged by James, where a single handler
walked a short distance down a grassy ride to a shot and marked retrieve breaking cover from
woodland and falling on the ride about 40 yards away. Godfrey was at the water test where
2 birds, flushed from the lakeside were shot with one falling on the bank a good 70 yards away
and the second in the lake. Needless to say, Godfrey wanted the one on the bank first which tested
the handling ability of some of the dogs. Sandra was in woodland where the whistle had
gone to end a drive. 4 birds had been shot in an area about 50 yards square and
Sandra wanted 2 birds picked. Good free-hunting dogs did well here.
After one of Ann Blake's wonderful Banquet Lunches, we started the afternoon tests.
There was no cut and handlers had to lift their game a little now as the degree of difficulty had
been stepped up although the tests still represented sensible shoot day situations.
James was on a woodland edge in a picking-up situation with a pair of dogs where a flank gun,
 a good 80 yards away, was taking birds breaking from a small copse. A single bird was shot to fall
in some marsh grass over a ditch. The dogs were sent in turn and some good work was seen.
Godfrey's test was also a mark. A bird, shot into a sparse game crop by the side of a wood
had to be picked. Whilst the dogs were on their way back, the gun shot another bird
which fell in the same spot. Nousy shooting dogs did well here, turning to mark the second
bird and picking it easily after delivering the first. A good test with varying results.
The "Killer" test fell to Sandra at the lake. Handlers stood on top of a bank and had to send their
dogs down the bank and over the lake for a saluted but un-seen bird. You need a test to
sort them out and this one did just that, although it was still a situation you would expect to
come across at some point if you do a lot of picking-up or shooting, or indeed, Tests and Trials.
After adding up all the scores, 2 dogs were tied on 109 points out of a possible 120, so Ann Blake
and Bill Williams were called for a run-off. A long saluted mark onto plough sorted the
two out and brought a well thought out test to an end.
Our three Young Handlers (below) completed the same Tests as the Novice Dogs
and they all did extremely well and thoroughly deserved their awards.

All Awards Presented by Pippa Player.
Young Handlers.
  First - Winning The Dove Valley Young Handler's Trophy,
Will Ingham (below) with "Pippa".
Laura Hill of Black Gundog donated a Welly Bag which was awarded to Will Ingham.
Will was also presented with an engraved glass from Countryman Fairs and an engraved silver
plate permanent memento. Isobel and Travis (below) were also awarded a silver plate.

Second - Isobel Porter with "Boss".

Third - Travis Weckermann with "Chester".


First - Winning The BASC Trophy - Ann Blake with Flypatch Lima.

Second - Winning The Tutbury Gun Rooms Shield, Bill Williams with Heronsbrooke Night Owl. (no photo)

Third - Kerry Juba with Sensational Sherry.

Fourth - Julia Tanner with Larkshead Holster.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to.................

Suzanne Bailye with Leawyn Landsdown.........

James Murphy with Mastertouch Flash.........

and Sue Jackson with Calderhey Ebony.

Winning handlers were presented with an engraved glass very kindly donated by
Countryman Fairs, a prize donated by Sporting Saint and the Ladies were given a
Pink Lanyard, donated by Laura Hill of Black Gundog.

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Thanks to Becky and her Team for giving everyone a greay day.

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Novice, Open and Young Handler's A/V Spaniel Test.

Sunday, March 30th.

 Photography by Sian Hampton.

Generously Sponsored by Orvis of Bakewell, Countryman Fairs
and Bill Clarke.

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Judges - Thomas Starkey (left) and Adrian Slater with Young Handler, Adam Johnson.
Thomas and Adrian were exemplary in the way they ran this Test, making superb use of the ground.
Their conduct was faultless and a lesson to all who pursue our wonderful Sport. 

Our Spaniel Tests are always well supported and this one was no exception.
From an original entry of 42 Novice dogs, two withdrew before the day, two withdrew on the
day and three people, one with two dogs entered, didn't turn up leaving Judges Adrian Slater
and Thomas Starkey with 34 dogs. This, plus 18 Open dogs and 1 Young Handler meant that
it was going to be a busy day. The Open dogs were tested first with the Novices after
lunch and after a very enjoyable day, the results were announced as follows.

First. Dave Moore (below) with Rosebay Harvey.
Dave was awarded The Crichflight Shield.

Second. Follyview Apollo handled by Neale Satchwell.
Third. Gannowfell Tigers Eye handled by Mr S Blackwell.
Fourth. Stewart North with Toadsspannell Foxey at Northglen. (Cocker)
Certificates of Merit were awarded to Ken Gaskell with Lisburne Judy (Cocker)
and Skitters Monty handled by Terry Frost.

Open Winners/Judges. Adrian Slater, Stewart North (4th), Ken Gaskell (COM) S Blackwell (3rd) Neale Satchwell (2nd) 
Dave Moore (1st) and Thomas Starkey. Terry Frost (not pictured) CoM.

First - and Top Dog Overall. Wrightsmill Wolf at Follyview handled by Neale Satchwell.
Neale, below, was awarded the Wardgate Trophy donated by Janet Grindey, The Dove Valley Shield and the
Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy for The Top Dog Overall, donated by Former Club Chairman
, Tony Horobin.

Novice winners - L to R:  R Coles (3rd) with Countryways Treecreeper, Neale Satchwell (1st) with Wrightsmill Wolf of Follyview,
Terry Frost (2nd) with Crunchy Midge, Adam Johnson (COM) with Ash, Howard Richardson (COM) with Shordick Spy of Hollykit
and Tanya Palmer (4th)
with Bostonmoor Minister.
Mr D Conway (not pictured) with Skitters Maggie, was awarded a CoM

Young Handlers.
Despite our efforts to encourage Young Handlers, Adam Johnson was the only one we had but
he made a very good job of handling his dog, Ash, and was awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Adam (above) was also awarded the Gilkin Young Handler's Trophy, donated by John and Myra Clay,
and a copy of Peter Moxon's classic book, "Gundogs. Training and Field Trials",
donated by Bill Clarke.

All dogs in the awards were Springers except where stated otherwise.

All the handlers were presented with an engraved glass
very kindly donated by Countryman Fairs.

These and more images are to available to view and purchase at
When you get to Sian's Website, click on "Gallery"
There are some wonderful images of the dogs.

Novice A/V Spaniel Test. Hassop Hall. Sunday, March 9th.

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs Stephenson.
Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.
Judges - Mr J Duke and Mr G Watson.

Generously Sponsored by Orvis of Bakewell and Countryman Fairs.
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Our first Working Test of our 20th Anniversary Season could not have been held on a better day.
The weather was unbelievable - more like June than March! 31 dogs from an original entry of 37
turned up to this fabulous estate to test their dogs in the ideal woodland we were privileged to be in.
Judges John and Gary gave every handler plenty of time in the first round to get the best from their
dogs but it soon became apparent that some were just not ready. A marked retrieve in front followed
by a blind behind, both saluted with a shot, were pretty straight forward and the better dogs performed well. The schedule for our Spaniel Tests does warn entrants that eliminating faults may be used so after lunch, only the numbers of those dogs considered up to the task were called in for the second round.
Jean and her stewards worked well as a team to give everyone a good day and, after a short
discussion to sort out their books, John and Gary made the following awards.

First - Ken Gaskell with his Cocker Bitch, Lisburne Judy.
Ken was presented with the Follyview Trophy kindly
donated by Mr and Mrs N Satchwell.

 Left to right -  
Fourth - R Coles with Countryways Treecreeper.

Third - Neale Satchwell with Wrightsmill Wolf at Follyview.
Second - Evanscroft Jasmine handled by Miss A Hayes.
Winner - Ken Gaskell.
Certificate of Merit - Graham Burton with Wiznic Wager.

The Winning handlers were presented with an engraved goblet kindly donated by Countryman Fairs.