Working Test Results 2015.
Background photo - Steve Magennis.

Puppy and Novice Retriever at Castle Hayes, Tutbury,
by kind invitation of James Major.
Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Puppy. Judges - Alan Penney and Roy Stone.

The Puppies were given 4 Tests including a basic obedience Test, 
a picking-up exercise, a blind and a mark.

Mike Cox scored an impressive 80 points with 3 dogs tied on 79 
so a run-off was needed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

First - Mike Cox (below) with Shangarrilyn Tess of Oncote. 

2nd - Danielle Turton with Fulltime Focus. 
(Danielle below with Judges Roy and Alan)

3rd - Carol Probert with Turpinngreen Acuna of Corsemalzie. 

4th - Dave Field with Hawksrigg Azzuri of Artistryn.

Certificates of Merit - Jan Hennig with Wrenmarsh Unique.
(no photo)

Tim Brain with Amazing Mary Poppins of Flypatch.

Ian Major with Cowame Court Enigma.

and Catherine Munn with Lilleburne with Freedance Free.


Judges - Polly Gibb, Norman Allen, Gary Rogers and Ian Glover. 

4 Tests had been set for the Novice Dogs before lunch with 
Polly judging a long mark in an undulating field. Norman judged a 
blind down a bank in some bushes. Gary's Test was the fly in the ointment 
with a long blind with a distraction and Ian had a short walk-up 
with a mark out of sight over a grassy bank. 
After lunch and with no cut, Polly judged a tricky blind up hill 
with the dummy lying just inside the boundary of some rough pasture. 
Norman saw dogs tackle a mark after which they were sent back 
to the same area for an un-seen. Ian and Gary judged together 
with 4 dogs in-line for a short walk-up with each dog then given a 
long mark in a gulley from a static line.

First - James Murphy with Mastertouch Flash. 
2nd - Dave Brown with Gunslip Insignia of Bearbrace. 
3rd Alan Bexon with Fieldcrest Moonbeam Echo. 
4th - Suzanne Bailye with Artistryn Usha. 
Certificates of Merit - Bill Williams with Heronsbrooke Night Owl 
and Ian Major with Arkglas Teva.

 L to R . Dave Brown, Bill Williams, Alan Bexon, Ian Major, Suzanne Bailye and James Murphy.

James with Judges, Ian Glover, Norman Allen, Gary Rogers and Polly Gibb.

Novice and Open  A/V Spaniel Test.
Walton Hay, Sunday, April 12th.

Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.
Judges - Eric Elwick and Kevin Richardson.

 We had a fine but windy day at Walton Hay. The ground cover was quite heavy bramble,
bracken & fallen trees. We ran 21 Novice Dogs and because there were only 4 Open Dogs,
the test was run as one, with the work for the open dogs adjusted accordingly.

The dogs were put through their paces by Judges Eric and Kevin with the Novice Dogs
having a seen and a blind retrieve whilst the Open Dogs had a memory retrieve and a blind.
For the Novice Dogs, those achieving above 60/80 marks in the first run were given a
second run from which the final winners were chosen. 
The judges pointed out that the first two Dogs placed in the Open and the Novice
had only one point between them and were good to watch being handled.
Eric and Kevin also made some comments that were very interesting.
Eric said it had been a while since he had judged a Working Test and he
noticed specifically that handling had become noisier. Too much verbal
communication and too much whistle, saying that if the dog is trained correctly
then all that should be necessary is to walk behind it!! 
As Working Tests are the forerunner to Trials, then it is only right that this noisey
handling be curbed as the handler, in a Trial, will be penalised.
Jean Gledhill.


Photo - Sian Crewe.

First - Boundarymoor Lily of Merebrow handled by Mr P Johnson.
Second - Double Six Domino Lad handled by Mr N Howe.
Third - Mr J Thompson with Samsir Dagda (Cocker)
Fourth - Mr A Ratcliffe with Colebeuich Buster.
Certificates of Merit - Mr N Howe with Jaycottaway Murphy 
and Dameon Moore with Eskylane Ross.


Photo - Sian Crewe.
Left to right............
First - Dave Moore with Rosebay Harvey.

Second - Graham Burton with Wiznic Wager.
Fourth - Mr J Westran with Little Wren (Cocker)
Third - Linda Shipley with Whitehope Aspin.

Well done to everyone in the awards and a Big Thank You to all our Helpers and Stewards who help to make our events so successful.

Photos of the day by John and Sian Crewe are available to view
and purchase at

We would like to thank Countryman Fairs and 
Sporting Saint for their Sponsorship.

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Background photo - Steve Magennis.
Novice, Open and Young Handlers
 A/V Spaniel Test.
Chatsworth. Sunday, March 29th.

Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.
Judges - Mr T Frost and Mr C Hook.

Generously Sponsored by Orvis of Bakewell and Countryman Fairs.

Chatsworth is a wonderful place to spend a day at any time of the year
but when it starts to rain just as we arrive and hardly stops all day,
anyone could be forgiven for feeling somewhat downhearted!
As anyone who has been to a Dove Valley Event knows, we don't become
downhearted, even when we're all cold and wet, because we always
have a good day! It's the only sort of day we know!
After Jean's welcome, we walked a short distance to a lovely piece of woodland for our
Judges, Terry Frost and Martin Hook to start proceedings with our 31 Novice Dogs
and 3 Young Handlers. The schedule for this Test had warned handlers that eliminating
faults may preclude them from a second run and, due to the large entry and the weather,
everyone had been reminded about this. In their first run, all the handlers were given a marked,
saluted retrieve in front of the line and a saluted blind behind. Varying standards of work
were seen and it quickly became clear that if your dog didn't hunt and handle with some
degree of efficiency, you weren't going to progress to a second run. Having said that,
Terry and Martin gave every dog lots of time to complete their first run and, where necessary,
were very helpful to some of our handlers who were relatively new to the competetive side of
Spaniel Work. For their second run, dogs were given cross line retrieves in front.
Once the Novice dogs had finished and the Judges and Stewards fed and watered,
 the Open Test began in a new block of woodland with Terry and Martin giving dogs
quite testing cross line retrieves from the first shot. With a more managable entry of 11,
all the dogs were given 2 runs although a couple of handlers withdrew their dogs themselves.
As the day wore on, the weather worsened and I think everyone was relieved when the
announcement came that the Test was over.


Photo - Sian Crewe.
Left to right.
Second - Mrs J Naylor with Riverollwood Chuck (Cocker)
First - Richard Coles with Countryways Treecreeper.
Third - Boundarymoor Lilly of Merebrow handled by Mr P Johnson.

Young Handlers.

Photo - Sian Crewe.
First - Miss Lily Kay with Cocker Spaniel, Charlie.


Photo - Sian Crewe.
Left to right.
Second - Mr J Eyre with Ryanlue Orchid.
First - Wiznic Wager handled by Graham Burton.
Fourth - Alex Hayes with Evancroft Jasmine.
Third - Wrightmill Wolf at Follyview handled by Neale Satchwell.

Top Dog Overall.

Photo - Sian Crewe.
Top Dog overall winning the Run-Off between Novice and Open Winner,
Richard Coles with Countryways Treecreeper.

Photos of the day by John and Sian Crewe are available to view
and purchase at

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Novice A/V Spaniel Test.
Hassop Hall. Sunday, March 8th.

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs Stephenson.
Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.
Judges - Mr C Myers and Mr D Moore.

Generously Sponsored by Orvis of Bakewell, Countryman Fairs
and Sporting Saint.

The ground at Hassop is ideal for a Novice Spaniel Test with light bramble and bracken
on the woodland floor.
Judges, Colin Myers on the right and Dave Moore on the left gave
each dog a marked
retrieve in front and a blind behind in the first round and, with all dogs
kept in, a cross-line
retrieve in the second round. Our usual team of helpers and stewards
kept proceedings
flowing smoothly and by 1 o'clock, it was all over!
Sadly, although there were some reasonably good dogs, Colin and Dave were unable to
award First Place as they felt that no one was quite ready for the step up to Open.
Despite this, we had a good day on a wonderful Estate and we are very grateful to everyone
involved for helping to make our First Working Test of the season a success.

The following awards were made.

 Second - Louise Allen with Kirsty's Folly. 

Third - Damon Moore with Eskylane Ross. 

Fourth - Keith Farmer with Jamian Sevens. 


Photo - Sian Crewe.
L to R
- Keith Farmer, Louise Allen and Damon Moore.

Photo - Sian Crewe.

Louise Allen with Kirsty's Folly.

Photo - Sian Crewe.
A Happy Bunch !!

Photos of the day by John and Sian Crewe are available to view
and purchase at

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