Working Test Results 2016.
Background photo - Lily Kay Wins Young Handler at Chatsworth Spaniel Test.


Open Cold Game Working Test, Castle Hayes, 
by kind invitation of Mr J Major and family. 

Sunday, September 11th.

Judges Mark Bettinson, Jamie Bettinson and Sue Berman.
First, Vicky Stanley with Minstead Maigret. 
Second, Ian Glover with Mistigris Cabe. 
Third, Allan Bexon with Fieldcrest Moonbeam. 
Fourth, (not pictured) Ken Littlemore with last years Winner, 
Labdom Scoter of Middlebrook. 
Huge thanks to Becky Wilkinson and  "The Team" for a fabulous day. 

Thanks to Roger Skinner and Skinners Dog Food 
for their generous Sponsorship.

Novice and Puppy Retriever Working Tests held at Hill Top Farm, Mercaston.

Sunday, July 24th by kind permission of Jane Hall and Family.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Judges - Sharon Kitson, John Yarwood, Vanessa King and James Barnes.

Puppy winners left to right - Tim Brain Second with Killyrudden Surefoot of Flypatch. Sally Morewood COM with Pherlotte Summer Solstice.
Gary Rogers COM with Bearbrace Georgina. Ian Glover, First with Bearbrace Gloveian. Doug Ingall, Third with Stauntovale Teasel of Conisbrook. 
Steve Burns, Fourth with Elderbay Fastnet at Jollybrow
and Sue Berman COM with Suthcharic Freya.

Novice Winners left to right - John Mee COM Koromos Briar Josey.
Chris Cadman Fourth with Shasta Dagger of Ravenvalley.
Bob ClayThird 
with Chemsell Artemus of Onecote. Dove Valley Chairman Mike Thompstone Second with Killyrudden Papaveraceae. 
Jan Hennig COM with Wrenmarsh Unique of Kapilano. Winner Julia Deeming with Gortons Ruby Red Sky
and also COM with Roughbeat Gabriella of Goldenvine.

Ian Glover.

Julia Deeming.

A/V Retriever Open Working Test, Yoxall Lodge,
by kind invitation of Mr Richard Featherstone.
Sunday, May 8th. 

Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Judges - Dorothy Walls-Duffin, Carol Probert and Kevin Turner.

This was the first time we had been to Yoxall Lodge and we were made 
extremely welcome by our Generous Host who was very interested and 
watched the 33 dogs for most of the day and presented our awards at 
the end of some interesting but quite demanding tests. 

Happy Winner, Keith Aldred. 

Test 1, judged by Dorothy, was a long mark uphill in a Parkland type 
setting with another, un-seen but saluted bird in the same 
place for a second retrieve.

Test 2, judged by Kevin was a picking-up excerise for a lost bird 
under the shade of a tree down the side of a wood.
This was a 140 yard retrieve but all the dogs did well with a
few straight line specialists standing out. 

Carol was judging test 3, a water test for a marked, shot bird over a 
corner of the lake. Not easy to mark but the thoughtfully placed Gun 
attracted the dog's attention and most did well.

Regular readers of our results pages will know that our days would 
not be complete without one of Ann Blake's lunches and, as the first 
3 tests had gone well, Chief Steward, Becky Wilkinson called a halt to proceedings whilst we fed and watered our team.

Test 4, a Walk-up for 2 dogs was judged by Dorothy. 
With a Gun in-line, a long going away bird was shot with a 
second, un-seen bird tucked up in the grass at the base of
some hawthorn bushes off to the right. Good marking dogs 
did well here but some useful handling was also evident.

Test 5, also for 2 dogs and arguably the most artificial of our tests in 
terms of shoot day scenarios was a long mark with shot off to 
the left and an un-seen, un-saluted bird directly in front up a 
woodland ride. Handlers were asked to pick the mark first and
then the second dog was sent for the blind. The handlers were 
then rotated on the pegs and the test was repeated.

If a test was needed to sort out the dogs, test 6 was it although 
that wasn't the intention when the test was set. 
Judged by Kevin, handlers were asked to send their dogs for a shot,
marked bird falling in the lake about 20 yards out from some quite tall bullrushes. With a 40 yard cast to the waters edge, and the gun on the 
far side of the lake to pull the dog, dogs were unsighted by their 
handlers until they swam clear of the rushes. 
It has to be said that this test claimed a few casualties. 

The main problem was that although every dog entered the lake well 
and crossed the 5 or so yard wide strip of rushes, as soon as they 
hit clear water, they turned back and started hunting
 the rushes. In a few cases handlers were able to push their dogs back 
but several wouldn't handle and were called up.  
The dogs which stood out marked well, acknowledged the shot, 
and, un-handled, went where they were sent. 

First - Keith Aldred with his very stylish Flatcoat, Donascimento Santos.
Keith was presented with The Connie Trophy, donated by Jed Booth.

Second - Ann Blake with Flypatch Lima. 
Ann was awarded The Yoxall Cup for the Runner-up
to mark our first visit to this wonderful venue. 

Third - Suzanne Bailye, with Artistryn Usha.

Fourth - Sally Morewood, with Hackie Sack Hattie.

L to R - 

Dorothy Walls-Duffin, Ann Blake, Keith Aldred, Carol Probert, Suzanne Bailye,
Our Generous host, Richard Featherstone, Sally Morewood, and Kevin Turner.

 Massive thanks to our fabulous team of stewards and helpers. 
We couldn't do it without you! 
Thanks also to Roger Skinner of Skinners Dog Food for 
their Generous Sponsorship.

Novice and Open Spaniel Working Test,
 Walton Hay,
by kind permission of Mr J Ward.
Sunday, April 10th.

Generously Sponsored by Roger Skinner, Orvis of Bakewell, 
Countryman Fairs, Sporting Saint and Paul Gascoyne of 
The Trialling Spaniel Magazine.

 Judges - Paul Gascoyne and Andy Bennett. 



L to R -
Ian Sowter with Bishopdale Lad, CoM. 
Mrs A Cooke, Third with Barley Nine.
Mr J Hilton, Fourth with
Tailorsdrift Dark Knight. 
First -
Mrs J Righton with Cundriebrook Nancy.
CoM - Damon Moore with Eskylane Ross.
Second -
Mr L Marsden with Corrib Amigo. 
 Nik Howe with Jaycottaway Murphy.
 (not pictured)

L to R -
 Second -
Stan Pearson withHillfighter Alps. 
Louise Allen with
Merovigian Flamenco Dancer, CoM.
First - 
Steve Blackwell with Luthmhor Draco. 
Fourth -
Kim Varty with Delphaven Domino.
Mr L Marsden with Sharmesvale Stuka, CoM. 
 Third - FTCH Churchview Chimes. Mr T Frost. (not pictured)

Novice and Young Handlers Retriever Working Test,
 Bradley Old Parks,
by kind permission of Sir David Samworth and Family.
Sunday, April 10th.

This was an emotional day for us as we remembered Pippa Player, 
the former 
owner of this wonderful estate who sadly passed away 
last year and who had been such a generous supporter and 
Host over the past ten years.

Happier Days - Pippa (right) presents Ann Blake with
The BASC Trophy in 2014.

We felt very priveledged to be allowed to continue to hold our Spring 
Working Test here by kind permission of Sir David Samworth and Family. 
Sir David is a keen shooting Man and very interested in the dogs, 
as is Shoot Captain, Robert Hiddeley who had been 
instrumental in securing our return.

The Tests comprised of the usual shoot scenarios of marks, blinds, 
walking-up  and watework. Our Judges, all keen competitors 
and pickers-up, were very patient and helpful and 
the day progressed very smoothly.

It was great to see three very competent Young Handlers although 
it would be nice to see more of them!

Judges - Maurice Fitch, Dawn Scott and John Iacono.



 1st Ben Thompson (below) handling Routengill Acer. (The BASC Trophy)

 2nd Carol Probert - Turpingreen Acuna of Corsemalzie.
 (The Tutbury Gun Rooms Shield)

 3rd Nicky Waddington - Wyenor Golden Delicious.
 4th Chrissie Thomas  - Kenine Can’t Go Back.
(Gol Ret)
(Carol, Nicky and Chrissie were all involved in a Run-off for Second)

 Certificates of Merit.
Dave (Bear) Brown - Minstead Rocksavage of Bear Brace.
 John Mee - Koromas Briar Josey.
 Anita Jarvis - Simandem Wild Thyme.
 Klato Elek - Dave Clayton.

L to R - Ben Thompson. Carol Probert. Nicky Waddington. Chrissie Thomas. Anita Jarvis. 
Dave Clayton. Dave Brown. Josh Goodwin. (in front of Dave)
Ben Cox and Will Ingham.

Young Handlers.

 1st Ben Cox (below) handling  Ed.  (after a run-off with Will Ingham)

Ben was presented with The Gilken Trophy.

 2nd William Ingham handling Brodie.

 3rd Josh Goodwin handling Brig.

 L to R - Will, Josh and Ben.

One Boy and his Dog!

Kelly Roger-Davison's Loveloch Valentino.   

Our thanks go to Sir David Samworth and Family for allowing us to use 
their fabulous ground.

Novice, Open and Young Handler's Spaniel 
Working Tests.
Chatsworth. Sunday, March 20th.

Judges - Alan Hopkins-Young and John Sexton. 

Generously Sponsored by Skinners, Orvis of Bakewell, 
Countryman Fairs and Sporting Saint.

Open Winners.

Open Test Winner Nik Howe (above) with Double Six Domino Lad. 
Nik was presented with Dove Valley Shield and The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy for 
Top Dog Overall after a Run-Off with Novice Winner, Craig Gilbert.

Above. L to R - Judges, Alan Hopkins-Young and John Sexton.
John Eyre (2nd) Nik Howe (1st) Ryan Kay (3rd) Garry Watson (4th)
Graham Burton and Louise Allen (both COM's)
COM - Mr N Vernon (not pictured) with Buccleuch Implex Off Limits.

Novice Winners. (above)
L to R - Judges, Alan Hopkins-Young and John Sexton. 
Nik Howe (2nd) Damon Moore (3rd),Craig Gilbert (1st with Cornermarsh Tweed) Richard Cole (4th) Ian Sowter (COM) Lily Kay (Young Handler 
with Charlie) Dave Gallimore (COM)
COM - Mr J Hilton (not pictured) with Tailorsdrift Dark Night.

 Craig Gilbert handling Cornemarsh Tweed.

Lily Kay handling Charlie. (Cocker)

Novice A/V Spaniel Test.
Hassop Hall. Sunday, February 28th.

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs Stephenson.
Chief Steward - Jean Gledhill.
Judges - Mr T Skelly and Mr A Kirk.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners, Orvis of Bakewell,
Countryman Fairs and Sporting Saint.

 First - Kim Varty with Delphaven Domino (Cocker)

 L to R - Third - Scott Bendikas with Derbyshire Daisy. 

Second - Nik Howe with Jaycottaway Murphy. 
First - Kim Varty wiyh Delphaven Domino (Cocker)
Fourth - Phil Smith with Joyful Jessy Jo.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to -

L to R - 
Mr S Fricker with Westonway Gambler.
Mr S Brookes with Griffinwell Martha May.
Mr R Cole with Kenquartz Dhijans.