Working Test Results 2017.
Photo - Steve Magennis.

Retriever Open Cold Game Working Test.
Sunday, September 10th. 

Words - Barry Dutton. Photos to follow.

Today saw the curtain fall on Dove Valley W.G.C. Working Test Season with an Open Cold Game Test for Retrievers.      By extremely kind permission of Mr J.D.Leavesley, the test was held at Brook Farm, Milton, South Derbys.
Todays Judges were Mrs. Carol Probert, Mr Tim Brain and Mr. Gary McCarthy to whom the club are indebted for giving up their time freely. Todays Test was kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Foods and Countryman Fairs again to whom the Club are very grateful.  The whole test was run on Beet which was between Knee and thigh height. Overnight rain had made the beet very wet and very little wind was the only assistance the Handlers and dogs had.
27 Dogs lined up for the test with Carol Probert on the right, Tim Brain in the middle and Gary McCarthy on the left.    The first round was a mixture of marked and blind retrieves which the handlers and dogs made good retrieves putting very few out in round one. By now a medium wind had picked up giving the handlers and dogs a slight assistance.

Round two was just one retrieve each dog leaving in at the end of this round 18 dogs. After this round the judges had a get together and reduced the field to 12 dogs. For round three, the line was then moved 90 degrees round and a slightly downhill run faced the 12 dogs. The retrieves were again a mixture of either blind or marked in front or marked behind the line. Each dog having two retrieves each.  At the end of this round, the judges then re convened and called up the following four dogs for the final round. Stephen Le Voi, Dawn Scott, Stephen Newitt and Neil Dutton. The line was then moved onto fresh ground and a number of Partridges were “shot” in front of the line with all four handlers and dogs looking and marking keenly. What they didn’t know was that the judges had placed out some blind partridges on a second beet patch 90 degrees to the right of the line. The handlers in turn then had a mixture of marked and blinds to retrieve. Dawn and the two Stephens made steady work of their respective retrieves but unfortunately Neils dog could not locate its marked bird.  A final get together of the judges ensued and within a few minutes Tim called and end to proceedings and everyone tracked back to base camp. In summing up, Judge Carol Probert commented on the high standard of the competitors in the days test and told the unsuccessful competitors not to feel down as due to the high standard the judges had to really nit-pick to decide on the prize winners.
And it then was handed to Judge Gary Mc Carthy to read out the award winners and hand out the relevant awards.
First Place to Dawn Scott with DIGLAKE JASMIN who took the Merrywych Shield and the Northash Trophy. Dawn also won a bag of Skinners Dog food, a Club Silver Salver and a Cut Glass Engraved Tumbler from Countryman Fairs.
Second place split only by a very tight margin was Dawn's husband Stephen Newitt with OLIVESTONE TUTTI FRUITY. Stephen received a bag of Skinners Dog Food, a Club Silver Salver and a Cut glass engraved tumbler from Countryman Fairs. Third place went to Stephen Le Voi with MADERABLANCA AMARILLO taking a bag of Skinners dog food, a Club Silver Salver and a cut glass tumbler from Countryman Fairs. 
Certificate of Merit went to Neil Dutton with TANYRHALLT TEDDY of ASTISTRIAN.
All award winners received a Rosette which the Club have decided to present to all award winners. I'm sure everyone appreciated these rosettes. Any feed back would be welcome. 
                 Guns Choice went to Adam Peace with LADY MILLY of BLACKTHORN taking the Riverfleet Shield.                              This partnership were running in their first ever test and made an excellent job of their runs.

Once again thanks to TEAM DOVE VALLEY for their excellent work not only today for the whole Working Test Season led by Working Test Secretary Becky Wilkinson. And finally a MASSIVE thank you to Ann and Brian Blake who once again provided a splendid buffet. Not only for the retriever tests but also for every retriever trial.

Sunday June 11th.
A/V Retriever Novice and Puppy Working Tests 
held at Halmer End, Stoke on Trent 
by very kind permission of Mr and Mrs Berrisford.

Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges - James Murphy, Vanessa King and Peter Goddard.

 Sponsored by Skinners Dog Foods, Countryman Fairs and B.A.S.C.

New grounds for Tests and Trials are always a bonus for Gundog Clubs
and this one was fabulous. Our Host, Mandy Berrisford, stayed with
us all day and was very interested in what was going on.

The tests were set in woodland and open pasture and, with a lovely little 
pond aswell, all aspects of Gundog Work were tested.

Results - Novice.

First place went to Chris Cadman (below) with SABELLWOOD ESME OF RAVENVALLEY. Chris takes the Novice Rose Bowl, the Cup for Highest Placed Dove Valley Member, a cut glass tumbler from 
Countryman Fairs, a Rosette from BASC, a Bag of Skinners Dog food
and a Salver from the club.

Second place (after a run off) was Danielle Turton with 

Third place went to Jan Hennig with WRENMARSH UNIQUE OF KAPILANO. 
Jan also took a Bag of Skinners dog food, a Countryman Fairs Glass and a salver from the club.

Fourth place went to Dave Boardman with RIBBLESDALE REAL MCCOY 
winning a club Salver and a Countryman Fairs Glass.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to Helen Cadman with Copperwheat Star,
Julia Deeming with Roughbeat Gabriella of Goldenvine, Shannon Wellum with Sunnasound Sanday 
and Mikki Deville’s Kenquartz Time After Time handled by Guy Radford. 

 Novice Winners and Judges - L to R.
James Murphy, Jan Hennig, Chris Cadman, Dave Boardman, Dani Turton, Peter Goddard, 
Vanessa King, (kneeling) Guy Radford and Shannon Wellum.

Results - Puppy.

First place went to Mike Cox (below) with GASHEATH SLOEBERRY SPIRIT 
taking the Puppy Rosebowl, a bag of Skinners dog food, 
a countryman Fairs Glass, a Rossette from B.A.S.C. and a Salver from the Club.

Mike is presented with The Dove Valley Shield by our Host, Mandy Berrisford.

Second spot went to Club stalwart and the Chef behind the clubs marvellous buffets, Ann Blake with BROMLEYWOOD ROMEO who took a Countryman Fairs Glass, a bag of Skinners Dog food and a club Salver.

A Happy Ann Blake with Mandy, James and Becky.

Third place went to Tim Brain with DIGLAKE MUSKETEER 
OF FLYPATCH taking a Bag of Skinners dog food,
a Countrymans Fairs Glass and a salver from the club.

Fourth place went to Marie Fletcher with PRIDEPARK ARI taking the Countryman Fairs Glass and a club salver.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to Marie Butcher with BROMLEYWOOD CALYPSO 
and Sophie Taylor with STARSPRINT SOLO.

L to R. James Murphy, Tim Brain, Mike Cox, Ann Blake, Peter Goddard and Vanessa King.

So another brilliant day for Dove Valley under the leadership of 
Working Test Secretary 
Becky Wilkinson ably assisted by TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

The Scores on the Doors.

More info and photos on our Dove Valley Gundogs Facebook page.

 (If anyone left a Jack Pyke Game Bag behind, please give Guy a ring)

A/V Retriever Open Working Test.

Yoxall Lodge, Sunday, May 14th
by kind permission of Mr and Mrs M Chappel.

Words and photos - Barry Dutton.
(More photos on our Facebook Page - Dove Valley Working Gundog Club)

Judges - Linda Partridge, Derek Capel (left) and John Yarwood.

This Working Test was very generously Sponsored by Skinners Dog Foods, 
Countryman Fairs and Mickley Hall Shooting School. 
There were 6 different Tests for the handlers and dogs to navigate which 
were set up by David Field. Three were run in the morning and three in the afternoon with a spot of tea and tiffin in between. On speaking to some of the competitors they found some of the tests hard but nevertheless took 
note of where they need to work on and went away with some positive thoughts.
 After all 38 competitors had passed through each test the judges set 
to and began adding up the scores. 
After double checking the results were clear and very close indeed.

 The results were as follows:-

 In First place was Kim Dutton (below) with her 3 yrs old Lab bitch SHADY ACRES TEARDROP. Kim takes the Connies Trophy, a bag of Skinners Dog Food, an engraved cut glass tumbler from Countryman Fairs, 
a Rosette from BASC and a 50 Clay Bird Voucher from Mickley Hall 
Shooting School plus a Salver from the Club.

 Second was Ian Glover with his 5yrs old Lab dog MISTIGRIS CABE. Ian takes the Yoxall Trophy, Skinners Dog Food, Countryman Tumbler and Club salver.

 Third place went to Geoff Dobb with his 8yrs old Lab Dog WOODCOCKHILL MADOQUA winning a bag of Skinners Dog Food, Countryman Tumbler
and a Club Salver.

 Fourth went to Stephen Le Voi with his 3yrs old Lab Dog 
MADERABLANCA AMARILLO taking a bag of Skinners Dog Food, 
Countryman Tumbler and a Club Salver.

 Certificates of Merit were awarded to James Murphy with 

 So another great day for our members and well done TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

The Scores on the Doors.


Any Variety Novice Spaniel Working Test, 
Osmaston Park. Sunday, April 23rd.
By kind permission of Mr Roddy Nash and Mr Clive Heaven.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.
(see also Dove Valley Gundogs Facebook Page)

L to R. Caroline Bridges, Winner Scott Bendikas,
Judge Ryan Kay, Spaniel Test Secretary, Jane Burton and Judge, James Starkey.

As it normally does for the righteous, the sun shone down from start to finish giving handlers 
and dogs perfect ground for a perfect test. Test Secretary Jane Burton had arranged a host of 
sponsors who donated prizes to whom we are exceptionally grateful. Caroline Bridges
donated a Photo Shoot to the winner to the tune of £100. Countryman Fairs donated engraved 
tumblers to 1st-4th Prize winners, GT leads donated dog leads and training dummies to the prize 
winners. Chudleys Dog Food donated a 15kg bag of Chudleys Dog Food to prize winners. 
Acme Whistles donated a whistle to the prize winners and The British Association for Shooting
and Conservation donated Rosettes to the prize winners. When Jane took this role on at the 
beginning of the season she was mindful that following the last secretary Jean Gledhill, she had 
a massive pair of boots to fill. We didn’t want Jane to fill anyones boots. As you will all agree that 
have been to the tests organised by Jane, she has bought a brand new pair of boots, made them 
her own and has filled them admirably herself. Graham might have helped a little bit. 
But Jane, your only worry now is to exceed your own benchmarks next season.

 Todays Judges were Mr James Starkey and Mr Ryan Kay.  I was privileged to be in line with both
of the judges with my camera and it was pleasing to hear the encouragement given to the competitors 
when it was required. The Test was all in woodlands with even cover of bramble and bracken with 
the odd fallen tree and Rhodedendr,….Rhodenrne,…..Rohdendrums…Big Azaleas!!!
All dogs and handlers were given a second run irrespective of what their dogs did in the first 
round thus allowing handlers and dogs to get the experience they required. 
So after about 4
½ hours of Testing and Judging, everyone went back to base camp which was set 
up in the middle of the woods. A site which would do any championship Trial justice. 
After a long deliberation by the Judges, the results were announced as follows.

 First place awarded to Scott Bendikas with DERBYSHIRE DAISY OF HOLSAN with
Scott taking a beautiful silver cup donated by Mr and Mrs Neal Satchwell plus a salver from the club presented by our sponsor Caroline Bridges. 
Also as mentioned the prizes above donated by the various sponsors.

 Second place to a gob smacked Liz Davenport with VERSTONE DAIRINE. 
Liz was presented with the Jean Gledhill Shield which was also presented by Jean. 
Also taking a salver from the Club and prizes as above.

 Third place to Stephen Shimwell with PEPPERCREST BEWITCHED taking The Dove Valley Trophy, 
a salver from the club and prizes as above.

 Fourth place went to Dave Gallimore with BOGGWATER CHARLTON STAR OF ONCOTE 
taking a salver from the club and prizes as above.

 Certificates of Merit went to - in no particular order - Linda Shipley with Rakesfire Combsdale.
Phil Smith with Joyful Jessy Jo. Lisa Hilton with Tailorsdrift Dark Knight.
Paul Johnson with Rheastmoor Trigger Happy. Keith Onions with Cressett Enis of Kanreith. 
Keith was also presented with a token of appreciation from the club in recognition of his dedicated 
service to the club and committee work over the past 18 years. Keith has decided to retire 
from the committee and we thank him for his great service and experience afforded to the club. 

 The judges congratulated everyone who took part in the test today adding that the prize winners 
had been very close and consistent on both sides of the test. 
The club thank both James and Ryan for giving their time today and supporting the club.
Jane Burton thanked all of her loyal team for helping to run the test not only today but in her
first season as Test Secretary and kindly presented each one with a gift for their hard work. 
(and a bribe to be there next year)!!

Winner Scott Bendikas with Jane Burton (left) and Caroline Bridges.

Second Place - Liz Davenport (third from left) 
Liz was Presented with The Jean Gledhill Trophy by Jean herself. (extreme right)

Third - Stephen Shimwell.

Fourth - Dave Gallimore.

CoM - Linda Shipley (right)

CoM - Phil Smith.

CoM - Lisa Hilton (right)

CoM - Paul Johnson.

CoM - Keith Onions.

Osmaston Headkeeper - Clive Heaven. (he's the one in the middle)!!

Once again, well done TEAM DOVE VALLEY.


A/V Retriever Novice and Young Handlers Working Tests.
Sunday, April 9th. Bradley Old Parks.
By kind permission of Mr M Samworth.

Words and photos - Barry Dutton.
(see also Dove Valley Gundogs Facebook Page)

Very Generously Sponsored by Skinners, BASC, 
Countryman Fairs and Tom Ramm.

Judges - Charlotte Smith, Kerry Juba and David Ross.

The first three tests were held in the morning and following a short lunch break which was provided by Ann and Brian Blake, 3 more tests were held in the afternoon. The tests were well structured and evenly judged by the 3 judges. 
In my opinion, the water test, although not too difficult caused the greater problems as handlers were asked to send their dogs, following two shots to a blind retrieve in front first and then to a marked retrieve to the right in the lake. Most of the dogs wanted to fetch the water dummy first and a lot of handling was needed to push them out to the blind.  After all of the judges marks were counted up, it then transpired that Danielle Turton and Leon Hart had both scored 114 marks out of a total of 120. Both handlers and dogs were then called up for a run off to decide first and second places. After a long saluted blind retrieve the judges then decided the following results:-


Young Handlers.

 First place went to Billie Jo Wagstaff with MAY. Billie Jo took the Dove Valley Young Handler Trophy and also a bespoke hand carved Antler thumbstick which was kindly made and presented by Tom Ramm to whom we are extremely grateful. Tom also made an antler and leather lanyard for each of the young handlers.

 Second place went to Ben Cox with EDDIE. Third place also to Billie Jo Wagstaff with JESS. Fourth place went to William Ingham with PIPPA. Certificate of Merit went to Kaitlyn Bunning with JAZZ.

 All four prize winners received a Silver Plated Salver from the club, An engraved Glass sponsored by Countryman Fairs a Bag of Skinners Dog Food donated by Skinners Dog Foods and a Bag of goodies sponsored by B.A.S.C. by courtesy of Matt Dutton from the Game and Deer Department at BASC. Each bag Sponsored by Chudleys Pet Foods contained, Chudleys Dog Food samples, A boot bag, a 12 Bore Gun Cleaning Kit, A baseball Cap, Lanyard, Whistle, Torch, BASC Badge and other BASC literature. They also received an Easter Egg each. Well done to all of the Young Handlers. Our sport is safe in your hands.


 Following the run off First place went to Leon Hart with his 5yrs old Labrador Retriever Dog SLIGO DAN. Leon won the B.A.S.C. Northern Region Trophy along with a BASC Bag.

 Second spot went to Danielle Turton with her 2yrs old Lab Ret Dog STOKES OF GEORGE AT ASHWYND. Danielle took the Tutbury Gunrooms Shield.

 Third place went to Chris Cadman with his 5yr old Lab Ret Bitch SHASTA DAGGER OF RAVENVALLEY.

 Fourth spot went to Ian Glover with his 2 yrs old Lab Ret Dog BEARBRACE GLOVEIAN.

 All 4 prize winners received a Silver Plated salver from the Club, an Engraved Tumbler donated by courtesy of Countryman Fairs and a Bag of Dog Food by kind courtesy of Skinners Dog Foods.

 Certificates of Merit were awarded to :- Chrissie Thomas with ROUGHBEAT MELCHOIR. ( Apologies to Chrissie as we missed her off the prize presentation) Simon Whitehead with EMMANYGAN ZULU, Geoff Dobb with WOODCOCKHILL STEIN BOK and also with WOODCOCKHILL HIROLA, Sally Plant with FLASHMONT CRACKET.

 In summing up Working Test Secretary Becky Wilkinson thanked all of the Sponsors for their superb Prizes, to the Judges for their time given freely to attend and to the landowners Mr M Samworth for allowing us to run our tests on such brilliant land. Finally once again a big thank you to TEAM DOVE VALLEY led by Becky Wilkinson for all the hard work put in today to ensure a brilliant working test.


The Scores on The Doors courtesy Chris Cadman.


Novice, Open and Young Handler's Spaniel 
Working Tests.
Bagots Park, Sunday, March 26th.
Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.

By kind permission of David and Carol Dale.

Spaniel Test Secretary, Jane Burton, right, with David and Carol.

Judges. Open - Bob Lowe, Ian Bogaki. Novice - Paul Seaman and Nick Powell.

Well today saw the start of Dove Valley W.G.C. Working Test programme. Today’s Test Ground was at Park Farm, Bagots Park, Abbots Bromley by 
very kind permission of David and Carol Dale. As everyone who took part
in today's test will agree that the ground was superb and everyone ran out 
of accolades and superlatives to describe it. Todays Tests were the first ones organized by our new Spaniel Working Test Secretary Jane Burton and 
what a perfect day she orchestrated. She has tirelessly worked hard over 
the past few weeks to not only organise the day but to obtain a great 
deal of sponsorship providing prizes galore for the tests. 
So our tests were split intotwo sections. The first test was the Open A/V 
Spaniel and the second was the Novice A/V Spaniel test both running concurrent. As a couple of the handlers were running in both classes,
we had a vehicle on hand, organised by the game keeping staff to ferry the handlers and dogs from one side of the estate to the other seamlessly.

 Our judges today were Ian Bogacki and Bob Lowe with the Open Test 
and Nick Powell and Paul Seaman with the Novice test. 
The tests were run in similar conditions with a mixture of bracken,
brambles and brashings. Handlers had one marked retrieve and one 
blind retrieve under each judge and as is Dove Valley policy, every dog
and handler have a second run irrespective if they get eliminating 
faults on the first run.   So following some excellent work by the handlers
and spaniels and long discussions by the judges the immortal words were 
uttered TEST COMPLETED so back to base we duly went.

 So to the awards and presentations .


 First place to Alastair Ross with GLANHOWY LARK OF GREENBUSH. 
For this win Alastair received 25 litres of Hortech Kennel Disinfectant, presented by Judge Paul Seaman on behalf of Hortech Cleaning Systems,
a 15 kg bag of Dog Food donated by Chudleys Pet Food, a Cut Glass engraved tumbler sponsored by Countryman Fairs, Dummy and lead sponsored by 
GT leads. A whistle sponsored by Acme and a Salver presented by the club.
 Second spot also went to Alastair Ross with DEEPFLEET DENI OF MOONREED. This time receiving another 5 ltrs of Hortech Kennel 
Disinfectant along with all of the above prizes as well.
 Third spot went to Steven Brooks with GRIFFINWELL MARTHA MAY. 
Steven received the same prizes as second spot.
 Fourth place went to Paul Woodcock with ROSEBAY OPAL winning a bag of Chudley dog food, Acme whistle, Engraved glass and Salver.

 Certificates of Merit went to Lily Kay (aged 14) with BROADMEAFARM CHARLIE and Nik Howe with JAYCOTTAWAY MURPHY.

 All the above dogs were E.S.S. save for Broadmeafarm Charlie which
is a Cocker Spaniel.

Open Winner Alistair Ross with Novice Winner, John Parr and Mrs Parr!.


 First place awarded to John Parr with his Cocker Bitch GLENUGIES RUFF DIAMOND. For this John also received the same prizes as the Open winner.

 Second was Scott Bendikas with his ESS Bitch DERBYSHIRE DAISY. Again Scott received the same prizes as the Open second place.

 Third place to Keith Onions with his ESS Bitch CRESSETT ENNIS OF KANREITH, giving him the same prizes as the Open Third award.

 Fourth spot went to Peter Bell with his ESS Bitch WHIPMAN STORM also taking same prizes as his open counterpart.

 Certificates of Merit went to Alan Cox with his Cocker Dog Chyknell Tim and Phil Smith with his ESS Bitch Joyful Jessy Jo.

Novice Test Winners.

 YOUNG HANDLER award was won by 14yrs old Lily Kay with her 4 yrs old Cocker dog Broadmeafarm Charlie. For this win Lily won a host of prizes including Chudleys Food, Acme Whistle, Dog Lead and a Dummy. Well done to Lily who tells me that she and Charlie share the same birthdays of 15th of March. Lily’s aim now is to work up to competing in Novice Field trials within the next 2 years so look out everyone.

 So once the prize winners were announced it was the turn of the Winner of the Open Test to face the winner of the Novice test to decide the Overall Champion Spaniel and take home The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy donated to Dove Valley by former Chairman, Tony Horobin. So Alastair with Glanhowy Lark of Greenbush faced John with Glenugies Ruff Diamond in head to head run off in cover without dummies. Following a short run off the judges decided that the winner was John Parr with GLENUGIES RUFF DIAMOND.

David Dale presents John Parr with The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy for the Top Dog Overall.
(From memory, this is only the second time that the Novice Winner has beaten the Open Winner)

 This was without doubt the best Spaniel Working Test I have ever been to. The ground was absolutely perfect, the weather was amazing with 16 degrees of sunshine and the sponsorship was exceptional.

 Thanks again go to HORTECH CLEANING SYSTEMS, CHUDLEYS PET FOODS, COUNTRYMAN FAIRS, G.T. LEADS and to ACME for their extremely generous sponsorship.

 Finally a big, big congratulations to Jane Burton for orchestrating such a brilliant days Tests and to her huge team of helpers. On behalf of Dove Valley WGC……THANK YOU.