Working Test Results 2018.
Up-dated Monday, September 10th.
Background photo - Steve Magennis.

Retriever Open Cold Game Working Test.

Sunday, September 9th.

Ashmore Brook Dairy Farm, Lichfield, by kind invitation 
of Richard and Sarah Bailye.

Photos - Barry Dutton. Words - Guy.

L to R - Judges Sharon Kitson, John Yarwood and Vanessa King, Test Secretary, Becky Wilkinson,
Judge, Scott Marland and Hosts Sarah and Richard Bailye.

Our last Working Test of the year has always been our Retriever Open Cold Game Test and is a 
curtain raiser for the Trialling season. As usual, this Test was run on Field Trial lines although
slightly modified in that everyone was guaranteed three retrieves regardless of performance. 
Following becky Wilkinson's last welcoming speech (if you don't know already, Becky is retiring from 
her role  as Retriever Test Secretary) we moved off to a fabulous crop of Stubble Turnips. 
With three guns in line, two throwers in front and Judges John and Sharon on the left and Scott and 
Vanessa on the right we set off at a steady pace. Our experienced team got to work and each dog 
was given two saluted marks in front
. Right from the first shot it was clear that conditions were in the
dog's favour as most found their retrieves quite swiftly. Naturally, a few dogs struggled and fewer still
failed to find which set up a second dog down scenario adding to the realism of the day. By the time we 
had walked the length of the field twice we had completed the first round so we lined out to start the 
second round. All the dogs were called back in under opposing Judges although a couple of handlers 
had withdrawn themselves. This time we organised our throwers so that dogs crossed the line
diagonally and despite the fact that the degree of difficulty had, in theory, been increased, virtually
every dog seemed to work better than in the first round! With one marked retrieve each we quickly 
completed the second round so Becky called for a quick lunch break. 

Our Judges called 14 dogs for the third round and this time each dog was given 2 Blind Retrieves.
From the top of the field of Stubble Turnips, dogs were sent a good 150 yards downhill to where our 
guns had saluted a "Rabbit" (disguised as a Pigeon) which had been placed on the edge of the crop next 
to a wide strip of Game Mix. This Test had been set deliberately as a handling exercise as it was
expected that dogs would want to hunt the Game Strip but few did and those that didn't find on their 
own handled well. We had a few casualties but generally, good work was seen. At the end of this 
round we had two dogs on Straight "A's" and a run off was set up. A reasonably long mark over a 
wooden fence, through a Game Strip and out on to grassland provided the Judges with the answer
they needed and the Test was declared over.

This had been a good Test on superb ground with a very high standard of dog work.


L to R - CoM - Bob Clay with Siyah Sambucus of Oncote. Second - Neil Dutton with Tannyrallt Teddy. Winner and Gun's Choice - Stephen Le Voi with Maderablanca Amarillo. Third - Carol Probert with Turpingreen Acuna of Corsemalzie. Fourth - Lewis Butler with Hollowgate Red Flush of Moorarch 
and CoM - Amy Collier with Brocklebank Vital.

Steve Le Voi was awarded The Merriwych Shield presented to the Club by our second Chariman, 
Dennis Stevens and The Riverfleet Shield for Gun's Choice donated by Cliff Brace.

Neil Dutton was presented with The Northash Trophy donated by 
Dove Valley Founder, George Handley.

The First 4 Handlers were also presented with a Handmade lead kindly donated by Sharon Kitson.

As usual, massive thanks to "The Dove Valley Team", 
Ann Blake for another Fab Lunch and our Generous Sponsors - Skinners.

More photos and video on our Facebook Page.

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Chatsworth Country Fair Retriever Team Working Test.

Generously Sponsored by Wuffitmix.

After 2 Days of competition our Team finished in Second with
Neil Appleton taking the Top Dog Slot.

L to R - Neil Appleton handling Applebriar Storm, John Yarwood handling Mitforton Outlaw and Stephen Le Voi handling Maderablanca Amarillo.

The Duchess of Devonshire presents Neil with 
The Staindrop Challenge Trophy.

Our Young Handlers Demo Team -

L to R. Ben Cox, Will Ingham, Harry Worthing, Oliver Robertson, 
Abbie Johnson, Summer Slingsby and Billie-Jo Wagstaff.

Thanks to Gary McCarthy of Gundog Gear for his Sponsorship.

Fantastic weekend and thanks to everyone for their support.


Puppy and Novice Retriever Test, Blythe House Farm, Hamstall Ridware.
Sunday, June 3rd.
By kind invitation of Mr and Mrs G Astley.

L to R - Roy Stone, George Astley, Killy Pennell and James Murphy.

Our Puppy and Novice Retriever Test is always a well supported event and 
this one, despite the fact that there were two other similar Tests elsewhere, 
still attracted a reasonable field with 8 Puppies and 22 Novice dogs.

The sun shone right from the off and it was clear that temperatures were going to keep climbing 
as the day progressed. Blythe House Farm is a fabulous venue and, fortunately, there is plenty 
of water around with The River Blithe and a lovely little lake.

Becky Wilkinson welcomed everyone and introduced our Host, George Astley, a keen shot and 
Picker-up, who is always very interested and spent most of the day with us. Judges for the day
were Killy Pennell, James Murphy and Roy Stone. Becky also introduced our new 
Retriever Test Secretary, Sean Farrell, who takes over from her next year.

Our first Test, judged by Killy Pennell was a reasonably straight forward mark with shot over the
river falling in long grass and most dogs coped quite well.

Test number 2, also over the river and judged by James Murphy was a reasonably long blind 
placed in long grass. This was quite tricky as the line was at an angle to the river and dogs had to
resist the temptation to hunt the river bank.

Roy Stone was judging Test 3, the most difficult of the morning's Tests. Two shots were fired 
and two dummies thrown, the first of which was around 50 yards and the other, 50 yards
further on a similar line. It was clear very early on that scent was poor and although the cover 
was very light, some dogs did struggle, particularly with the furthest retrieve. Due to popular demand,
no lunch break was taken and the afternoon Tests began more or less straight away.

Test 4, judged by James was a 4 dog walk-up with each dog having 2 marked retrieves. 
Roy was at Test 5 with a cooling mark from the lake after picking a blind and Killy was judging
Test 6 which was another double mark. 2 shots saluted 2 dummies which fell in long grass 
and handlers could choose which one they wanted to pick first.

The standard of dog was very high despite the heat and some quite difficult retrieves and the
word around the handlers was that it had been a well thought out Test with shoot day scenarios in mind. 
The Puppies did all the above Tests although modified to suit.

Following a welcome cuppa and the Raffle, the results were announced as follows.

First - Richard Kershaw (below) handling Watergate Stanley. 

Second - John Mee handling Middlebrook Flycatcher. 
Third - Lesley Cooper-Shaw handling Mistigri Eric. 
Fourth - Shannon Wellum with Gunnasound Sunday. 
C.O.M - Charlotte Brailsford handling Kentixen Sunshine Blossom of Casheath 
and Fiona Joinson with Ginlight Juniper.

First - Pat Bell (below) handling Higgscroft Omega at Pallingforth. 

Second - Kevin Hill with Burtheath Cracker. 
Third - Vanessa King handling Tempurong Ferns Red Rose.

L to R. Standing - Charlotte Brailsford, John Mee, Lesley Cooper-Shaw, 
Fiona Joinson, Shannon Wellum and Kevin Hill.
Kneeling - Vanessa King, Pat Bell and Richard Kershaw.

This was a very good Test on an excellent ground in testing conditions.
As usual, massive thanks to "The Dove Valley Team" 
and our Generous Sponsors - Skinners Dog Food.

More photos on our Facebook Page.


A/V Retriever Open Working Test.

Sunday, May 13th at Yoxall Lodge by kind permission of 
Mr and Mrs Mike Chappell.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Judges - Charlotte Brailsford, Ian Glover and Godfrey Lowe.

Another sunny and beautiful day was in store for our Open Retriever Working Test which was held 
at Yoxall Lodge by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Mike Chappell. 
The ground was absolutely superb with various options open to plan any number of tests. 
Todays Tests were set up by Judge, Ian Glover and our other judges were Godfrey Lowe and Charlotte Brailsford who we thank for giving up their Sunday to spend time casting an expert eye over our dogs.
Following a concise briefing by Test Secretary Becky Wilkinson, the field of 18 Labradors took to the field.

Again I need to point out that we waited for people to turn up who couldn't pick the phone up 
to either text or say "sorry, Im not coming" but we managed without them.

The six Tests were as follows:- Test 1 Charlotte. Two gun shots to indicate two over a water course the other to the left of the track.

Test 2 Godfrey. 1 shot to indicate a blind across the pond with distraction dummies placed out en route.

Test 3 Ian. One gun shot to a marked dummy but the dog had to collect 2 blinds instead.

Test 4 Charlotte. A straight retrieve to a long mark.

Test 5 Ian. 1 shot to a long mark approx 180 yds followed by a second shot to a short mark approx 80 yds. Dog to pick the short mark first all in to a back wind.

Test 6 Godfrey. A marked retrieve followed by a second marked retrieve once dog had collected first dummy.

The dogs were certainly put through their paces and following all six test completed the judges called a halt to proceedings to confer with the results.It transpired that after all that there was an equal tie for second and third between Vicky Stanley and Steve Le Voi which needed a run off.

Finally, the results were announced as follows.

First place was awarded to Vicky Stanley with MINSTEAD MAIGRET. 
Vicky was presented with The Connie Trophy, donated to the Club by Jed Booth, 
a Bag of Skinners Dog Food and a Club Salver.

Vicky is presented with her Spoils by our Generous host, Jane Chappell.

Second, after the run off, was awarded to Steve Le Voi with MADERABLANCA AMARILLO 
winning the Yoxall Trophy, a Bag of Skinners Dog Food and a Club Salver.

Third was awarded to Vicky Stanley with FTCH PATNAVAC BROUGH winning 
another bag of Skinners Dog Food and a Club Salver.

Fourth was David Ross with MARVELOUS MOSSEY taking a 
Skinners Voucher and a Club Salver.

L to R - Steve LeVoi, Vicky Stanley and Dave Ross.

In summing up Judge Godfrey Lowe praised the Club once again for it's high standards 
in putting on the event and to the handlers who gave of their best today. 
The winners were in front of the rest of the field but everyone did their best.

Once again a massive thank you to Becky Wilkinson and TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

See more photos on our Facebook Page.

Novice A/V Spaniel Working Test, Foremark, 
by kind permission of Mr P Bishop. Sunday, May 6th.

Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Today the sun shone on the righteous and saw Dove Valley WGC end its Spaniel Working 
Test season with a Novice A/V Spaniel Test at Foremark, South Derbyshire by extreme 
kind permission of Mr. Philip Bishop to whom the club are indebted.

The weather was glorious in stark contrast to our first Test of the season which was in 4 
inches of snow. Our Judges today were Mr.Neale Satchwell and Mr. Keith Onions to whom 
we give our grateful thanks for giving up their precious time on a Bank Holiday. 
Once again Jane Burton had worked wonders with obtaining such a grand display of prizes 
from our Sponsors who today were in no particular order:- Chudleys, Countryman Fairs, 
Trover Dog Coats, GT Leads and Acme Whistles.

Given the heat and the forecasted weather, the Judges made a very sensible and correct 
decision to limit the amount of retrieves that each dog would have today. So it was to be that 
Neale would officiate on the right hand side and the dogs would hunt up and then would get 
a marked retrieve following a gun shot whilst Keith would officiate on the left and dogs under 
Keith would hunt up and then get a blind retrieve behind following a gunshot. In my view 
and I never heard anyone dissent, this was enough for the judges to see the dogs work 
without them suffering in the heat.

Now I don't usually dwell on negative points, however it annoys me when we are waiting
to start and allow time for latecomers to arrive. When they don't arrive and we ring them up to 
see where they are and the answer is " I'm not coming", well that's my rant over.

So the 20 handlers and dogs that did turn up on time set off into the woods which was 
under a nice canopy of leaves giving light and shade where it was needed. 
The forest floor was covered in bluebells and the working track a light to medium mixed cover. 
After all the dogs had been seen twice and I had taken 499 photos, the judges called a 
halt to proceedings, conferred on their notes and after about 10 -15 minutes declared 
that they had a result so back to base we went.

The Results were announced as follows:-

In first Place was Nik Howe with his 2 yrs old ESS dog RUSHYMOOR RASTA. 
Nik was presented with the Follybreeze Cup, which as Donated by Neale Satchwell and also 
presented by Neale. Nik also wins a Silver Plated ACME Whistle, A bag of Chudleys dog food,
a Trovers Dog Coat, A GT Dog Lead, A Countryman Fair Tumbler and a Club Silver Salver.

Second went to a very excited and delighted Jackie Elliott with TOLLIEFORD VIOLET 
taking the Jean Gledhill Trophy.

Third place went to Mark Hancock with TEIGNSEDGE KANSAS THUNDER taking 
the Dove Valley Shield.

Fourth was David Corner with SWEET ELPIS OF THORNTON.

2nd,3rd and 4th Prize winners also took a Bage of Chudley Dog Food, a GT Dog Lead,
Countryman Fairs Tumbler, an ACME whistle and a Club Salver.

Certificates of Merit went to two delighted handlers, Tony Everitt with KENQUINCE PENNY LOVER and Thomas Poole with CASTLEPRIDE MISCHIEF.

In summing up the Judges once again praised the Club and the handlers for todays Test. 
Neale explained that the four awards were close and that each dog had come straight in and 
set about their tasks of hunting up straight away. Some of the dogs were not so clean with their
hunting which lost them marks. However in the main, no handlers or dogs let themselves 
down on such a hot day to Test in.

So as the curtain comes down on another short but successful Spaniel Working Test Season,
sincere thanks must be bestowed upon Working Test Secretary Jane Burton, who with her 
young lad Graham Burton has been absolutely brilliant in organising the Tests and 
obtaining such a splendid quality of Sponsorship. And finally a big thank you to 
TEAM DOVE VALLEY for your hard work throughout the season.

More photos on our Facebook Page.


     Novice and Young Handler A/V Spaniel Working Test, Chatsworth House, by kind permission of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.  
Sunday, April 22nd.

Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Sponsored by Acme Whistles, Caroline Bridges Photography, Countryman Fairs, Trover Coats, 
GT. Leads (Sarah Gazey) Chudleys Foods and B.A.S.C.

Judges - Neale Satchwell and Jamie Smith.

 What a stunning setting for a Working Test! 

Following a warm welcome to Chatsworth from Spaniel Test Secretary, Jane Burton, 
we set off to begin the days proceedings. With Neale on the right and Jamie on the left we 
started in woodland with a variety of cover giving the dogs chance to show the judges how 
they can hunt and retrieve. As is Club policy, all dogs were given 2 runs regardless of performance. 
We feel this benefits competitors and allows them to fully enjoy the day. After about 4
½ hours
Neale and Jamie called a halt to proceedings and declared the Test over and, after 
quite a while conferring, the results were announced as follows.

Young Handlers.

First Place was awarded to Caitlin Cook with RUBY.

Caitlin was awarded the Young Handlers Trophy, 
a bag of Chudleys Dog Food, a GT Dog Lead, a Club Salver, a Voucher for a Photography 
Session with Caroline Bridges and an ACME whistle.

Second place went to Bethan Robertson-Ball, also with a dog called RUBY.


First place - Dave Gallimore with his ESS Dog Boggwater Charlton Star of Oncote. 

Dave was awarded the Spaniel Secretary's Cup, a £100 Photography Sitting voucher 
from Caroline Bridges, a Gold Plated Dog Whistle from Acme Whistles, a bag of Chudleys
Dog Food, a Club Salver, a Cut Glass Tumbler from Countryman Fairs, 
a Dog Lead from GT Leads. and a Dog Coat from Trover Coats. In all Dave took home 
prizes to the value of in excess of £300 !

Second Spot went to Nik Howe with his ESS Dog Rushymoor Rasta taking the 
Blackwall Hunting Dog Trophy.

Third went to a newcomer to the Sport, Joshua Stubbs with his ESS Bitch, 
Glencambus Razzberry. Joshua was awarded the Dove Valley Shield.

Fourth place went to Keith Onions with his ESS Bitch Cresset Ennis of Kanreith.

Second, third and fourth prize winners also took a bag of Chudleys dog food, an Acme Whistle, 
a Dog lead from GT Dog Leads, a Whisky Tumbler from Countryman Fairs, and a Club Salver.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to John Robertson with his Cocker Dog, 
Donnachaid Black Opal. Chris Dearden with his two litter mates, Leightonbeck Kyle
and Leightonbeck Krystal and, in his first Working Test, Mark Hancock with 
Teignsedge Kansas Thunder.

On behalf of the Judges, Neale Satchwell said what a great day it had been.
There was only one point between first and second and not much more between 
the other awards. The COMS had all scored between 160 and 170 out of a total of 
200 showing how close the judging was.

Once again thanks must go to Spaniel Test Secretary, Jane Burton, for another excellent Test
and also for managing to attract such brilliant sponsorship, which, if you add it all up, 
comes to more than £600 !

And finally, thanks to everyone who turned up to support the Club,
and, of course, great work by TEAM DOVE VALLEY !

Full report and more photos on our Facebook Page.



Our Spaniel Team for The Skinners Inter-Club Team Test held at The Byrds Retreat, Saturday, April 14th.           

L to R - John Parr, Dave Ross, Louise Allen and Stephen Littler.
Words and photo - Jane Burton.

What a fantastic day we had!
After the two simultaneous tests in the morning, both scores were accumulated and we went into the afternoon in first place. At the end of the day, David Ross won First place in the individual 
Open and the Best overall Open Spaniel. Louise Allen won first place in the individual 
Novice Spaniel and the Best overall Novice Spaniel. Stephen Littler won 2nd place in the Open, individual Spaniel. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to bring home the Trophy and we finished in 4th place overall. Each and everyone of the team gave 100% and I couldn’t have wished for better!!
Thank you all so very much for a sterling effort.
What a fantastic achievement by Steve Adams and his team. To organise and run 10 Teams of four dogs is no walk in the park. He even arranged for the sun to shine!


The Kelly Memorial Shield, The Englefield Estate,  Saturday, April 14th.

The Retriever Team. L to R - Steve LeVoi, Lewis Butler and Stewart North.
I don't have the results of the Match at present although we didn't Win!
Results to follow ASAP.
Thanks to both our teams for representing Dove Valley and we hope you all had a great day.

Click  HERE  for Full Report.
Novice and Young Handler A/V Retriever Working Test,
Bradley Old Parks. Sunday. April 8th
By kind permission of The Samnworth Family.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

 Judges - Doug Ingall, Sally Morewood and Vicki Stanley.

Generously sponsored by Skinners and B.A.S.C. Central Region. 

There were a total of 6 tests in all, 3 in the morning and 3 more after lunch. The mornings tests were        1 - Straightforward marked retrieve down hill. 2 - marked retrieve approx 150 yards out over a ditch and into rushes and a second blind dummy in the same area. 3 - Short walk up with a rabbit crossing right to left. 4 - Blind retrieve across a water filled ditch. 5 - Water Test which included a blind which had to be picked first followed by a mark from the lake.

The results were as follows with prizes presented by Senior Judge Vicki Stanley.

Young Handler was won by Billie Jo Wagstaff handling Jess. Billie had to compete the same 
course that the Novices competed on and she was judged in the same manner. 
It was great to see that Billie notched up 115 points which was higher than the Novice winner. 
Well done Billie who was presented with the Gilkin Trophy donated by John and Myra Clay,
a Club Salver, a Bag of Skinners Dog food and a selection of "Goodies" by courtesy of B.A.S.C.
via Central Regional Officer, Matt Dutton.


First Richard Kershaw with WATERGATE SYDNEY taking the B.A.S.C. Trophy.

Second Shannon Wellum with GUNNASOUND SANDY taking the Tutbury Gun Rooms Shield.

Third Cherryl Jones with KLATO FANTOM.

Fourth following a run off was Julia Deeming with ROUGHBEAT GABRIELLA OF GOLDENVINE 

The top 3 dogs also won a Bag of skinners dog food, a club salver and a rosette.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to

Mark Giles with KAPILANO POTAWATOM, Richard Kershaw with WATERGATE STANLEY, Charlotte Brailsford with KENTIYEN SUNSHINE BLOSSOM, Paul Webster with FORREST AMBER and Guy Radford handling Mikki Deville's KENQUARTZ TIME AFTER TIME. 

In summing up on behalf of the judges Vicki Stanley said how the judges had thoroughly 
enjoyed seeing all of the dogs run today and they were certainly tested over the 6 Tests. 
She praised the ground and finally the hard work done to put the test on by Becky Wilkinson 
and her hardworking TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

More photos on our Facebook Page.


Novice and Open Spaniel Working Tests.
Bagots Park, Sunday, March 18th.
Words and Photos - Barry Dutton.
By kind permission of David and Carol Dale.

Generously sponsored by Countryman Fairs, Trover Coats, GT Leads, 
Chudleys Dog Food and Acme Whistles.

Judges - Alistair Ross, Paul Johnson, Ian Bogaki and Martyn Elliott.

Today began the new season of Working Tests and we started off with an Open A/V Spaniel Test alongside a Novice A/V Spaniel Test. As usual Spaniel Test Secretary Jane Burton had organised everything down to the last minute detail and even ordered a moderate covering of snow and a moderate East wind to replicate the recent Open Springer Spaniel Championship. However, we were not at Drumlanrig but at an equally impressive Testing and Trialing ground at Bagots Park Farm, Abbots Bromley, by extreme kind permission of our hosts Mr David and Mrs Carol Dale. The ground is superb and you could not ask for better facilities both on the ground or the hospitality facilities after the event. Thank you very much David and Carol. Jane began the briefing by firstly thanking everyone for attending on such a rotten day with special thanks to the competitors who had travelled a long distance to get here. Todays judges were  Alistair Ross and Paul Johnson for the Open Test and Ian Bogacki and Martyn Elliott for the Novice Test. Jane thanked the judges for giving up their valuable time and for travelling in such conditions. The two groups were split up and headed off to different parts of the ground. The tests were both run in similar terrain which was light brambles, bracken and brashings covered of course by snow. After a few hours of gun shots, dummy throwing, hunting and retrieving the Judges called a halt to proceedings and back to base for tea, sandwiches and cakes. And more cakes and then some more cakes....I think you can see a picture forming here. 
After deliberations the results were announced as follows.


First John Parr with his Cocker Bitch GLENUGIES RUFF DIAMOND. John took a bag of Chudleys Dog Food, a Gold Acme whistle, a Trover Dog Coat, a GT Dog lead a Countryman Fairs Whisky Tumbler a Club Silver Salver, a Club Rosette and The Crichflight donated to the Club by Ken Baker.

David Dale presents John with The Crichflight Shield.

Second was David Ross with his ESS Dog FFYNONLAS SMUDGE winning the Dog food, Acme whistle, Whisky Tumbler, Silver Plate and rosette.

Third was Bob Fairhurst with his ESS Dog RHEASTMOOR UNDER THE GUN winning the same as second place.

Fourth went to Angela Atkin with her ESS Bitch, SCARFELL SWIFT also winning same as second and third.

C.O.M,s were awarded to Steve Brooks with GRIFFINWELL MARTHA MAY who also took the award for Stewards Choice, Kenny Hiley with both RHEASTMOOR POCKET ROCKET and KYSHANT KAKA JESTER and to John Robertson with TIMSGARRY ALPINE.


First place to Paul Murray with his ESS Dog TEDDY LOVER, winning a Silver Acme whistle, Chudleys Dog Food, GT Dog Lead, Trover Dog Coat, Countryman Fairs Whisky Tumbler, Club Salver and Rosette  and The Wardgate Trophy.

Jane Burton presents Paul with The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy for Top Dog Overall 
and his fabulous Trover Dog Coat.

Second was Mark Hastelow with his Cocker Bitch PERIJA MY BONNIE WREN winning Dog Food, 
Dog Lead, Whisky Tumbler, Acme Whistle and Club Salver and rosette.

Third was Martyn Stevens with his ESS Bitch CHEWEKY FILLET winning the same as second place plus the Pauline Dyson Trophy.

Fourth place to Ian Bainbridge with SCARLET AMID THE WOODS taking the same as second and third.

C.O.M,s were awarded to John Robertson with DONNACHAIDH BLACK OPAL, Dave Gallimore with BOGGWATER CHARLTON STAR OF ONCOTE, Ricky Knights with TOTALLY TORTALA. This was the first ever competition Ricky had ever entered and he was over the moon to take a COM. I have to apologise to him because the photograph I took of him never turned out. 
Final COM to Martyn Stevens with CHEWEKY DODGEM.

Once the two First places were announced, John Parr and Paul Murray took their Winning dogs out to have a head to head run off in some medium white grass to decide to overall winner. 
After a short walk up the judges called a halt to proceedings and announced the overall winner was 
Paul Murray and TEDDY LOVER winning The Pat Horobin Memorial Trophy donated to us by our 
second Chairman, Tony Horobin.

Trophies Galore !!

All in all an excellent days Working Tests on excellent ground with excellent competitors. 
Once again a massive thank you to our Sponsors, to our Hosts and of course to Jane Burton and 

Generously sponsored by Countryman Fairs, Trover Coats, GT Leads, 
Chudleys Dog Food and Acme Whistles.

Lots more photos on our Facebook Page.