Field Trial Results 2017.
Background photo - Steve Magennis.

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The 124th Field Trial Meeting.
Open Stake for 18 Cocker Spaniels.
The Hales Estate, by kind permission of Mr A Hall and Family and Guns.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Generously Sponsored by Chudleys, Trover Dog Coats and BASC.

Judges - Steve Bolton and John Sexton.

 Guns -  Graham Burton, Guy Radford, Chris Cadman and Dave Ross.

First place was awarded to Jamie Smith with his new
Field Trial Champion, Abiann Flawless.

Jamie was presented with the Open Cocker Spaniel Trial Trophy donated to us by our Chairman, Tony Horobin. Jamie also won a Bag of Chudleys Dog Food, a Trover Dog Coat and a Game Bag from B.A.S.C.

Second place was awarded to Sam Thatcher (below) with WINDWITHE SOLITAIRE OF STRIGIDAE. Sam was awarded the Tissueman Trophy donated by Rob and Karen Smith, a bag of Chudleys Dog Food and a Trover Dog Coat. Sam also won the Mossy Brooke Trophy presented 
by Pat and Richard Wilde for Guns Choice.

Headkeeper and Steward of the Beat, Steve "Rosie" Baker 
presents Sam with her prizes.

Third place was awarded to Andy Whitehouse with SUGAR BULLET 
RAVENS QUEST. Andy was presented with  a Trover Dog Coat 
and a bag of Chudleys Dog Food.

Fourth Place was awarded to Gareth Davies with HEOLYBWLCH DRENMAN.
Gareth also won a bag of Chudleys Dog Food.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to  John Nightingale with SPIRITED DAWN MIDNIGHT, James Luxford with HOWE SYKE DAISEY, Tom Humphries with LAMBSWAY BRACKENS BOY and Graham West with MOELFAMAU LILLY.

Best retrieve of the Trial was awarded to Wendy Openshaw 

In closing Judge Steve Bolton praised the Club for running an excellent trial
and thanked Rosie Baker for all of his hard work preparing the ground and  orchestrating today's trial. Steve also thanked the competitors for 
travelling in the snow
and supporting the trial.

Once again thanks to Team Dove Valley for all of their hard 
work today and all season.

The 123rd Field Trial Meeting.  
December 4th.
All Aged Retriever Stake held at Birch House Farm, Brailsford. 
by kind permission of Mr D Goodall.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Judges - Godfrey Lowe, Polly Gibb, Mike Allen and Andrew Curtis.


Sadly, the Judges were unable to award a First Place but it is important 
for you to know that this does not reflect on the trial or the dogs in any way.
The standard of the dogs was excellent and some of the retrieves 
were quite demanding.

Second place was awarded to Tim Brain (below) with his 18 month old Chocolate Lab Dog KILLYRUDDEN SUREFOOT of FLYPATCH winning the Gossmount Trophy presented by Club Stalwarts Kevin and Jan Marriott. 

Third place was awarded to Stuart North (below) 

Both Tim and Stuart were presented with a bag of Skinners Dog Food.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to Simon Capstick with DRAKESHEAD CASEY and Simon Truslove with ARDMUIR PEPPER.

Guns Choice and Best Yellow Labrador were awarded to Carol Probert (below) with TURPINGREEN ACUNA OF CORSEMALZIE.

This was a long day and we thank all the handlers who stayed to 
the end to applaud the prizewinners.

Once again thanks very much to TEAM DOVE VALLEY for all the
hard work to put today's trial on. 

Guns - Jed Booth, Clive Heaven, Yours Truly, Pete Bancroft, Steve Mear and Brian Wilshaw.

The 122nd Field Trial Meeting.
Novice Stake for 18 Cocker Spaniels.
The Osmaston Estate by kind permission of Mr R Nash.

Sponsored by Chudleys and Trover Dog Coats.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges - James Starkey, Bob Lowe, Natalie Cannon and Jack Iliffe.

Guns - L to R. Graham Burton, Chris Cadman, Headkeeper Clive Heaven, 
Dave Ross and Pete Bancroft.


First - Paul Stirzaker with his 3 year old Cocker Bitch NORTHGLEN GEM 
winning the Ormewood Trophy donated by Mr Paul Rawlings and 
The Premium Pets Trophy for Best Hunting Spaniel.

Paul is presented with his awards by Shoot Captain, Roddy Nash.

Second place to Tom Phillips with LOWALLIN LORCAN winning the Elizabeth Bedford Trophy.

Third was Martyn Elliot with KILTONBECK IRON and also Guns Choice winning the Dove Valley Plate.

Fourth was Matthew Brown with BRECKMARSH EVAN.

In summing up on behalf of the Judges, Natalie Cannon said that they had all thoroughly 
enjoyed today's trial run on an excellent ground and the dogs and handlers couldnt have 
wished for better conditions.

Well done to TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

The 121st Field Trial Meeting.  
November 15th.

Novice Retriever Stake held at The Dunstall Estate 
by kind Invitation of Mr Simon Clarke.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners.

Photos - Barry Dutton.  

Judges - L to R. Sharon Kitson, Neil Appleton, Keith Bedford and Bill Rostron.

Guns - Matthew Clarke, Simon Clarke, Ian Marshall, Spike Harrison and George Astley.


No First place awarded.

Second place went to Kim Jinks with her 2 yrs old Golden retriever bitch, MISTYBROOKE OCHRE.
Kim is presented with
The Merriwych Trophy for runner up, and the Roston Cup for Best Lady Handler by our host, Simon Clarke.
Kim also won a Bag of Skinners dog food. 
3rd and 4th Places not awarded.

C.O.M. went to Chris Aston with his 2yrs Old Dog BALIBUNTAL PANAMA.
Guns Choice was awarded to Neil Dutton with TANYRHALLT TEDDY OF ARTISTRYN.

Neil was awarded The Springfield Trophy donated by Steve and Angie Lomas.

L to R - Chris Aston, Nel Dutton, Kin Jinks and Simon Clarke.

We are hugely indebted to Simon for inviting us to hold a Trial on this 
fabulous Estate and, as usual, massive thanks to "The Dove Valley Team" 
for making the day a success.

The 120th Field Trial Meeting.
Open Qualifying Stake for 18 A/V Spaniels (except Cocker)
Bagots Park. October 27th.

By kind invitation of Mr and Mrs David Dale.
Steward of the Beat - Mr Dean Stephens.
Words and photos - Barry Dutton.

Judges - John Bailey and Neale Satchwell.

This is the first time in around 15 years that we have been to this ground for a Trial and what ground it turned out to be. I personally asked the majority of handlers irrespective of their days result how they felt about the ground and they all agreed it was the perfect Spaniel Trialing Ground. David thanked everyone for attending and was glad that they all enjoyed the day. He said he was priveleged to have the trial on the ground and praised the Head Keeper and Steward of the Beat Dean Stephens who was running his first Trial. Todays Guns were Chris Cadman, Graham Burton, John Williams and Joss Reed. The club are indebted to these gentlemen who help to subsidise todays trial. Our Judges for today were John Bailey and Neale Satchwell, again many thanks to the Judges for giving of their precious time to officiate at the trial. The Club are once again deeply indebted to our Sponsors who were Chudleys Dog Food, Trover Dog Coats and British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Guns - John Williams, Joss Reed, Chris Cadman and Graham Burton.

So on a very warm and sunny October day we set off into the woods which held a cover of brambles and bracken. The tree canopy was half bare which let the sunlight in very welcomingly. Every inch of ground was covered with the birds flushing evenly and the Guns shooting accurately to despatch them. And so after 4 hours of trialing and trudging through the cover, Chief Steward Donna Kilford uttered those immortal words TRIAL OVER and everyone headed back to base.

Following a long discussion over Tea and Cake, the judges announced the results;-

First place was awarded to Chris Durkin (below) with EDWARDIANA BEACH taking the Westray Trophy presented by Mr J Duke, a Game Bag from BASC, courtesey of Matt Dutton, a bag of Chudleys Dog Food and a Dog Coat from Trovers Dog Coats.

Chris was presented with his awards by David and Carol Dale.

Second Place and Best Hunting Spaniel was Peter Avery with DEEPFLEET VAN PERSIE taking the Gavoise Trophy presented by Mr G.D.Evans. and also a Trovers Dog Coat and 
a bag of Chudleys Dog Food.

Third place to Andrew Gray with SUGARBULLET CHLOES DREAM taking a Trovers Doag Coat
and a bag of Chudleys Dog Food.

Fourth place to Ken Hiley with RHEASTMOOAR POCKET ROCKET also taking 
a bag of Chudleys dog food.

COM's to Guy Stubbings with SUREFLY MARTHA, Stephen Shimwell with BUCCLEUCH GRACE and Kev Richardson with COWARNCOURT JEDI who also took the Blackwall Trophy for Guns Choice.

In summing up on behalf of the Judges Neale Satchwell first praised the Host for such a wonderful trialing Ground . He explained the trial was one of two halves whereby the handlers had a good run on one side and then not so good the other and then vice versa. The winning dog deserved its place by having two eye wipes in the first round and then impressing the judge in the second round. All in all a very well fought out Trial which he was honoured to be invited by the Club to Judge. Once again many thanks to FTS Donna Kilford and her excellent TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

More photos on our Facebook Page.

The 119th Field Trial Meeting.
Open Qualifying Stake for 24 A/V Retrievers.
The Osmaston Estate. October 26th and 27th.

By kind invitation of Mr Roddy Nash.
Steward of the Beat - Mr Clive Heaven.
Words and photos - Guy.

Generously Sponsored by Skinners and BASC.

Judges - Steve Crookes, Chris Brain, Sue Lowe and John Yarwood.

This Trial was, to quote "A" Panel Judges Chris Brain and Steve Crookes, 
a truly fantastic two day's Trialling! Our hosts for the Trial, Shoot Captain Roddy Nash and
Headkeeper Clive Heaven went out of their way to provide us with a perfect platform for
us to hold our Championship qualifier.

Day one started with a walk-up in mature mixed woodland with a bracken covered floor which, 
as we progressed, included light bramble and white grass. Our experienced team of Guns shot superbly and although retrieves were not excessively long in distance, the natural, slightly undulating terrain generated retrieves which necessitated dogs to work on their own initiative. Continuing walking up,
after being supplied with one of Ann Blake's famous (quick) lunches, the woodland base provided more challenging retrieves as the undergrowth became heavier. Our B Panel Judges, Sue Lowe and John Yarwood were doing the sending and dogs were given every chance to gather game quickly and, 
in most cases, the standard of work was exceptional. Failures and eliminations are inevitable as 
we all know and expect, it's the nature of the game, but it was pleasing to hear positive comments 
from the gallery, even from those Handlers who had fallen by the wayside. 
I will tell you about one little incident which happened before anyone else does - I was running
the line handling Mikki Deville's little Black Cocker and, having worked well all morning, eventually succumbed to temptation when two hen birds were shot and dropped in front of her! 
You can imagine the stick I received!! Chris Brain gave me an "A" for the retrieve and 
Roddy Nash awarded me the Wooden Spoon at end of the Trial! 
To bring the first day to a close, we walked-up a wide strip of waist high 
marsh grass and again, excellent shooting and good dog work was seen.

Guns - Pete Bancroft, Alex Miller, Rich Miller, Jed Booth, George Astley,
Adam Cork and, not pictured, Chris Cadman.

Day two dawned fine and bright and, with 12 dogs left in contention, we continued walking up but we were now out in the open in a wide, well established cover crop. With 3 of our 6 guns pushed well forward we pressed on and birds flushing right to left and dropping on stubble next to a wood gave the Judges chance to see dogs working at distance. Now, with 8 dogs left, we went back to the woods and lined out on a bracken and bramble covered bank. Again, with guns forward, we moved on and 
saw some great shooting and excellent dog work. The judges decided, 
with dogs on 7 retrieves apiece that they'd seen enough.


First - Alan Ward, (below) handling Birdsgreen Moses of Rowansbourne. 
Alan was awarded The Klato Trophy presented by David Clayton,
the Flaxfire Trophy presented by Colin Walker, a Game Bag provided 
by BASC, an Osmaston tie donated by Roddy and a bag of Skinners.

Second - Clare Baker handling The Windbreak Whisperer of Arklebear.
Clare was awarded The Derrity Trophy presented by Charlotte Jeffrey 
and a bag of Skinners.

Third - Terry Prentice handling Ft. Ch. Hitowngreen Diamond Joe of Findpoint. 
Terry was also awarded a bag of Skinners.

Fourth - Chris Aston handling Anvilbeck Sevastopol.

Certificates of Merit - Chris Winfield handling Emmanygan Whistler of Avonford
and Peter Abbs handling Scarningvale Wexford.

Gun's Choice was awarded to Paul Wright handling Gameflight Mocha.

The Hawkslow Cup for The Best Yellow Lab was awarded to Sammy Shankar.

L to R - Alan Ward, Chris Winfield, Paul Wright, Terry Prentice, Peter Abbs, Clare Baker, 
Chris Aston and Sammy Shankar.

This was an exceptional Trial on an outstanding ground and our thanks 
go to everyone involved.

The 118th Field Trial Meeting.  
Monday, October 9th.

14 Dog Novice A/V Retriever Stake,
 The Foremark Shoot, by kind permission of  Mr P Bishop.
Words and photos - Guy.

Judges - John Day, Wayne Skett, Vanessa King and Godfrey Lowe.

Our first Novice Retriever Trial of the season was held today at Foremark, South Derbyshire 
by kind permission of Mr P Bishop. Our Judges were Godfrey Lowe, John Day, Vanessa King 
and Wayne Skett. With Yours Truly playing the part of Steward of the Beat, we started the day 
walking-up through a crop of Wild Bird Mix and Game Cover. Birds weren't that abundant but 
those that did oblige were very efficiently dealt with by our Guns - (below)

                                                        Brian Wilshaw, Ian Ross, David Ross, Chris Cadman,
Pete Bancroft and 
Ian Hookham.

It became apparent quite early on that inexperienced dogs were going to struggle on this very 
good but challenging ground. Birds came relatively slowly but good progress was made as we 
continued to walk-up through another similar crop. We had lost a lot of dogs very quickly and by 
the end of the first round we were down to two!! As we walked down the side of a conifer wood 
with both dogs on the left, a hen bird shot on drill in front proved too tempting for one and sadly,
despite earlier good work, ran in, leaving only John Yarwood to try to see it through and pick 
3 or 4 birds on his own. With 3 Guns pushed well forward and 3 in the wood we continued walking. 
One of the forward Guns dropped a hen bird a good 150 yards in front which fell on the 
side of a woodland strip and John's dog, Mitforton Outlaw, made a nice job of picking. 
Three more from the wood were enough and following a short "Huddle" Chief Steward,
John Mee declared the Trial over.

This had been a difficult Trial but, as Godfrey pointed out in his summing up, we 
were shooting on a proper shoot with proper birds and dogs which couldn't hold their ground
and handle when necessary were always going to struggle.

It is always a shame when, considering the work that goes in to organising a Trial, 
a result is difficult to achieve but some things are beyond our control. From the Dove Valley's 
point of view, we couldn't have done any more. Cracking ground, good Guns, the ever efficient
Dove Valley Team of Stewards and Helpers and sensible Judges.

Sadly, only one award was made. Second place was awarded to John Yarwood handling 
Mitforton Outlaw. Host Philip Bishop presented John with The Spirit of Blythe Trophy 
donated to us by John Cartwright in memory of a very special dog.

Host Philip Bishop presents John Yarwood with The Spirit of Blythe Trophy.

Thanks to everyone involved for helping make this Trial possible and special thanks to 
Skinners Dog Food for their generous sponsorship.

The 117th Field Trial Meeting.
October 4th.

Novice A/V Spaniel.

The Foremark Shoot, by kind permission of Mr P Bishop. 

Words and Photos - Barry Dutton. 

Guns - Dave Ross, Ian Ross, Graham Burton and Chris Cadman.

We began our Trial Calendar with a Novice 18 Dog A.V. Spaniel Trial at Foremark, 
South Derbyshire by very kind permission of Philip Bishop.

The Trial was generously sponsored by Chudleys Dog Foods and Trovers Dog Coats.
The club are indebted to the generosity of these sponsors.
Todays judges were Mr Gary Veasey, Mr Ian Bogacki, Mr Ryan Kay and Mr Keith Onions. 
Again a big thank you to these gentlemen for the giving of their time to judge our trial.

Todays Guns were David and Ian Ross, Chris Cadman and Graham Burton. 
The club would like to thank also the Guns for helping to subsidise the trial. 
There were 16 English Springer Spaniels, 1 Cocker Spaniel and 1 Clumber Spaniel in the starting line up.
Following a briefing by Chief Steward Donna Kilford, Steward of the Beat Guy Radford got the trial underway. It would be fair to say that the birds today were scarce so every bird flushed and shot was a bonus. All of the trial was through holding cover crop or maize except for the last drive which was either side of a wooded copse/hedge with a mixture of grass and brambles. It was a long trial with handlers having long runs in order to secure a flush and retrieve and following the last drive the judges went into the huddle to confer their notes until those immortal words were uttered TRIAL OVER.
After due thanks was given to all of the people that made todays trial possible, Donna Kilford read out the award winners.

First place went to Paul Flaherty with his 3yrs old E.S.S. Dog 
HIGHCREST HERO OF SHIRES COURT taking the Liz Bedford Trophy.
Second place to Eric Elwick handling Jason Yates KRISTZO GUSS taking the Melissa Stubbs Trophy.
Third place went to Chris Dearden with WARTON LADY
Fourth place to Andy Whitehouse with SUGARBULLET AL.
Certificates of Merit went to Nathan Cross with BECKYS HEART who also took the 
Woodmagic Trophy for Guns Choice, James Jeffrey with SEABISCUIT BOY and to John Semmens handling Steve Charltons KILLHOPE BEDAZZLED.
The 4 award winners received a bag of Chudleys Dog Food and also a Dog Coat from 
Trovers Coats of the Channel Islands.

Winner - Paul Flaherty.

In summing up the Judges said they had enjoyed the trial and that the winner was a 
unanimous clear winner. They concluded by saying that a lot of the dog put out were due to 
slight handler errors but nothing that couldn’t be corrected.

Once again many thanks to the hard working folks of TEAM DOVE VALLEY.

More photos on our Facebook Page.

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