Dove Valley Working Gundog Club.

What do we do?
I receive a lot of calls, texts and e mails from people who are just getting
started in Gundogs. Some are completely new to our wonderful sport and
want to find out more and
some have been picking up, beating or shooting
over dogs for years and want to become involved in the competitive side
So, what does the Dove Valley do? First and foremost - we have fun!
Everyone involved with the running of the Club is an amatuer and
Gundogs are their hobby. The Club is run by a Committee who work hard to
provide an intersting and constructive calendar of events for our members.
Our year starts in April with training classes for Spaniels and Retrievers.
Early Spring and Summer is the season for our Working Tests where dogs
are tested using dummies. Working Tests are Open to anyone with a Kennel Club
registered Spaniel or Retriever, including non club members and they are a great way
of assessing how your training is progressing. You will be judged by
knowledgeable judges who follow guidelines laid down by the Kennel Club.
These guidelines are called the "J Regs" and can be viewed by clicking on
the link on our Home Page.
 It is imperative, before you start to compete in Working Tests or Field Trials
(see below)
that you read the J Regs.
The serious side of our sport comes during the shooting season from
September to the end of January. This is when we hold our Field Trials.
A Field Trial is a competition to assess the work of Gundogs in the field,
with dogs working on live, unhandled game and where game may be shot.
So, there you have it - in a nutshell. If you would like to join us, go to
"Memberhip" from our Home Page and print an application form and if I
can help you further, please give me a call on 07960 796403.
Guy Radford. Secretary.

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