10th April - Young Handler, Puppy and Novice Working Test

Our Working Test season was officially underway today with our Puppy, Young Handler and Novice Working Tests held at Bradley Old Parks, Brailsford.

By very kind permission of Mr M Samworth, we were granted the use of this fabulous estate to host this Test on what turned out to be quite a mild day with a pleasant increase in recent temperatures.

As a brief description of the days events (for the Novice only) the tests included:

1️⃣ Test 1 - Charlotte Brailsford A blind retrieve in woodland through cover with no shot

2️⃣ Test 2 - Carol Probert A picking up exercise with 4 dummies placed in an area creating a double blind, the judge requested 2 dummies.

3️⃣ Test 3 - Julia Deeming A marked retrieve over water onto a peninsula. This was very inviting to encourage dogs to return the long way and only 2 dogs returned on the same line!

4️⃣ Test 4 - Lewis Butler A mark to shot over a ditch and a blind to shot. The judge requested the blind first followed by the seen bird.

5️⃣ Test 5 - Steve Le Voi, A marked bird to shot, with a distraction bird  thrown to shot as the dog returned which the dog had ignore and then pick.

The day ran very smoothly and enjoyed by all ☺️ well done to all handlers and their dogs 🐶 the results for the day are as follows:

Young Handler

🏅 COM Oliver Robertson with Gortons’s Mist

Puppy Results

First🥇 🏆Tom Unwin with Kentowne Jack the Lad

Second🥈 Lesley Cooper with Lioslaith Fly High Third 🥉Stanley Cooke with Kenxtwen Carnelian Charm

🏅 COM Laura Hill with Jarailstar Hogen of Stauntonvale

Novice Results

First🥇 🏆Nick West with Smithsteads Margaux

Seconds🥈 Mark Morton with Thakali Tom Jones

Third🥉 Kate Mee with Wyaston Apple

🏅4th and COM Richard Kershaw with Waterygate Dougie and Waterygate Freddie respectively. This was an unusual circumstance due to the fact that Richard had a run off for 4th place…with himself!

🏆 Best dog under 2 years old was awarded to Sophie Harris with Blazebeck Venus of Laxtongate • We would like to thank all of the helpers involved with today, from the stewards, placers, guns, and the great group of tossers 😜

Special Thankyou to the judges for giving up their time to assist in the running of today. Without any of the above, these days and the opportunity to participate in this pastime would not be possible.

This was our first time hosting an event using our new website entry system which went as smoothly as we could have hoped for first time out having over 50 entries combined! The results will be published on our website this evening. It was very nice to see such a large proportion of the handlers waiting until the end and not leaving early if their day had not gone quite to plan. This is very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed! Thankyou

Last but not least Thankyou to our Sponsors Skinner's dog food and Twicebrewed Twines 😊