14th April 2024 - AV Retriever Open Test

Today Dove Valley Working Gundog Club held their Open retriever test at Ashmore Dairy Farm by kind permission of Richard & Sarah Bailye.
Blessed with great weather…… compared to the days that we have recently had made for a lovely day out.
With Bob Seaman’s organising skills on the run up to test made my job as chief Steward on the day run very smoothly, plus with a great team of helpers the DVWGD team were ready to put on a great test.
So it goes without saying that a big ‘THANK YOU’ is required for these people who thrower dummies, place blinds, do the admin, test set up and feed us because without these people we can’t put on great events.
Also a thank you to our judges Godfrey Lowe, Geoff Dobb, Gary Rodgers & Steve LeVoi for giving up your day and spending it with us and the competitors.
The day consisted of 4 tests, and then a walk-up after lunch.
Sponsored by
Sporting Saint Gundog Training Equipment, Twicebrewed Twines & Skinner’s
1st. Vicki Stanley with Minstead Reacher and winner of ‘The Connie Trophy’ donated by Jed Booth
2nd. Carol Probert with Etomanni Amber of Corsemalzie
A run off for 3rd & 4th place
3rd. Sean McGrath with Anningtonbay Eagle of Shotstring
4th. Lesley Cooper-Shaw with Lioslaith Fly High
COM. Carol Probert with Etomanni Ludo of Corsemalzie
COM. Bob Clay with Siyah Sambucus of Oncote
Thank you all once again, we hope to see you at the next AV retriever test, and if you fancy helping please get in touch with Bob Seaman - working test secretary. 🐾🐾