14th May - Puppy, NDNH, Novice Retriever Test

Today Dove Valley Working Gundog club held their Puppy, ND/NH & Novice AV retriever test at Yoxall Lodge by kind permission of Mr Mike and Mrs Jane Chappell.
The day started with extremely heavy fog that thankfully burnt off into what became a beautiful summers afternoon.
Thanks to our working test secretary Bob Seaman who set the day up perfectly, so perfectly that the hand over to the DVWGC team was seamless… we’re all wishing Bob and his Achilles a speedy recovery!
It goes without saying that we’re extremely thankful to the wonderful team of helpers supporting him and the club. It was echoed by many today that whilst we do our very best to put on a good day for all contestants, as do all clubs, that we must remember to give something back to clubs where we can. DVWGC are always welcoming helpers onto the team, new or experienced so if you ever find yourself free on a test day or even need to withdraw from our test, please do still come along where possible and spend the day with us! We promise to provide delicious cake and a friendly day out!
As a brief summary of the days tests:
Test 1 - judged by Jane Fairclough - a double mark to shot on banked ground, picking both as memories. These were a good stretch in distance for the dogs.
Test 2 - judged by Sarah Middleton - a straight forward mark to shot over water.
Test 3 - judged by Steve Le Voi - a single blind with shot up a bank.
Test 4 - judged by Vicki Stanley - this was a more technical test. Heel work to a peg with a mark to shot. Leaving the dog in position and the handler returning to the start position. Recall your dog, stop your dog and then push the dog back.
Test 5 - judged by Gill Awty - a picking up exercise. Blinds with no shot. 2 out of 4 dummies required. This again was a good stretch in distance for the dogs and they had to run through cover into woodland.
Thank you to the judges for giving up your day and spending it with us and all of our contestants, Jane Fairclough, Sarah Middleton, Steve Le Voi, Vicki Stanley and Gill Awty.
Sponsors - Sporting Saint - Gundog Training Equipment Twicebrewed Twines and Skinner's
With that said, the results were as followed, please note that COM has been rightfully added and awarded to Philip Bishop in the Novice due to a now rectified mistake:
🥇- 1st - winning the Dove Valley Gundog Club Puppy Shield, Sophie Harris with Blazebeck Aurora
🥈- 2nd - Tommy Weekley with Connisbrook’s Berneray
🥉- 3rd - Matthew Shetliffe with Brisingamen Arthur
🥇- 1st - winning the Twicebrewed Twines Trophy, Paul Watson with Kentwone Wisteria Whisper
🥈- 2nd - Lindsay Hermann with Vermelho Beau
🥉- 3rd - Penny Davies with Littlecopse Sparkle-clover
🏵️ - COM - Julie Leppington with Hoar Frost
🏵️ - COM - Isabella Saxton with Artistryn Zara
After a 2 dog run off for first place and another 2 dog run off for third place…
🥇- 1st - Winning the Tempurong Trophy, Vivien Warren with Tealcreek Turn to Stone
🥈- 2nd - Kate Mee with Wyaston Apple
🥉- 3rd - Jane Beharrel with Bellelayne Bertha
🏅- 4th - Lewis Scott with Dunsleywood Dakota
🏵️ - COM - Geoff Dobb with Woodcock Hill Duiker
🏵️- COM - Richard Kershaw with Waterygate Dougie
🏵️ - COM - Philip Bishop with Jobeshill Canouan
Thank you all once again, we hope to see you at our next AV retriever test! 🐾