15th September 2023 - All aged retriever trial

On the 15 th September 2023 Dove Valley Working Gundog Club held its 153 rd Field Trial Meeting at Bretby Park by kind permission of Mrs S McDonald of Sleat.
This was an AV All Aged Stake Retriever Stake , our Steward of the Beat was Keeper Matt Smith .
Our team of guns on the day were the clubs Chairman James Barnes , .
Bob Duffin , Henry Carney, Brian Wishsaw , Pete Bancroft & Steve Mear.
After a delicious breakfast cooked by Helen Seaman & our General Sectary Bob Seaman & Cherryl Jones.
We had our introductions of Judges , these were Dave Brown, Dorothy Walls-Duffin, Sandra Braithwaite & Ellena Nunneley.
Matt moved the guns , judges, handlers quietly from the yard and on to the first drive .
Matt put the guns on their pegs while the judges lined their dogs & handlers out.
On the Right was Dave & Sandra & on the Left was Dorothy & Ellena.
Dogs were lined out on the drilled field. It wasn’t long before Matt & his beaters started to push the birds over the guns. The first bird shot was an extremely high looping Partridge shot by our Chairman James Barnes.
Matt continued to supply the guns with a steady flow of birds until there was enough birds for the judges to start sending their dogs.
Just before the end of the drive Dawn Scott handling Diglake Villanelle was sent for a runner that had gone into the cover on the edge of the drilled field. The retrieve of wounded game was picked quickly and efficiently.
By the time the first drive was over the weather became unseasonably warm, which was not conducive with normal shooting attire.
We started round two on walked up birds in a field of mustard & barley. Presented with some challenging birds and terrain , unfortunately we drew a blank.
We then moved onto a field of drill , this was split by a thick hedge. Guns & Dogs were lined out on either side and slowly walked this up. Birds were plentiful and the guns had lots of shooting.
This was where the dogs started to sort themselves out.
A shot bird was dropped into some high bracken, dogs had some tough terrain to push through before getting to the area of the fall. Two dogs on the left failed to reach the fall area , so the right hand dogs were brought over. Shane Gilliver handling Slingly Black Beauty at Minerskiln sent his dog after the judges explained where the fall area was. Shane’s dog made a stern effort to fight through the bracken. The Judges were very fair and gave his dog plenty of time to work but unfortunately it failed to pick. This is when Nathan Laffy sent his dog Emmanygan Banana , Nathan’s dog made a very good job of working the area but was also unable to pick the bird.
The Judges went out to look too but to no avail.
Picker up for the day was Doug Ingall , judges asked if he would hunt the area once we had moved on.
Matt moved the trial onto the final drive as we had 5 dogs remaining to complete the trial.
The Guns too to their pegs and Matt pushed some wonderful birds over the guns, giving Henry Carney the opportunity to shoot a fantastic left & right.
The dogs were put through their paces before the Judges had their final huddle. TRIAL OVER !!
1st place winning the Gossmount Trophy donated by Kevin & Jan Marriott went to
Nathan Laffy with Emmanygan Banana
2 nd place & Best Lady Handler Roston Cup donate by the late Gregg & Carol Shaw went to
Vikki Stanley with Minstead Reacher
We had 3 CERTIFICATES OF MERRIT , these went to
Jane Sizer with Jobeshill Roxanne of Nenebrook
Shane Gilliver with SlingleyBlack Beauty at Minerskiln
Judith White with Minstead Wick
Shane Gilliver with Slingley Black Beauty at Minerskiln
This was my first trial as Field Trial Secretary and although it was hard work with all the preparation , I loved every minute of it.
I certainly could not of done it without the backing and full support of all the Dove Valley Committee . A TEAM TO BE PROUD OF !!
Special thanks to
Sophie Seaman
Helen Seaman
Bob Seaman
Gary for marking birds down & two other gentlemen
who marked down but sadly I didn’t get their names 🤦‍♀️
Our Game carriers Hannah & Josh
Cherry Jones for the excellent food.
Finally to James for sitting & listening to me going on & on about Gundogs 🤣🤣
Bring on the next trial 🙌🐶😍