1st November - Novice Retriever Trial

Dove Valley Working Gundog Club held its 154th Novice Field Trial at Foremark by kind permission of Philip Bishop.
The morning started in true Dove Valley style with freshly cooked sausage & bacon batches cooked by Helen Seaman.
Once all the handlers had collected their armbands I began to in
troduce our wonderful team of guns, they were
James Barnes , Jacob , Brian , Cookie, Steve & Banner.
Judges for the trial were on the right Phil Bruton & Leigh Jackson on the left we had Karen McCarthy & Paul Truby.
Game Carriers were Jane Burton & Jane Samson
Picker up was Ian Glover
Dog stewards were Carol Probert & Jayne
Philip lined the guns out in a field of rough cover , two guns were placed in the grass field on the left hand side of the line. Judges were then able to position their handlers & dogs to give them the best advantage point to mark birds.
The club was very lucky to have Laura Hill running her cocker spaniel in the line to help flush birds.
Very slowly the line moved forward , it wasn’t long before the judges could send their dogs to pick birds.
Once we had walked the cover up , the judges took their dogs into the field on the left hand side. The guns gave the judges excellent marks for their dogs to be sent to the area to pick a bird.
Philip and his team walked us to another game strip where we walked this through, unfortunately this was where we lost a couple of dogs.
The trial moved onto a field of drill where the guns lined out ready for two drives. All dogs that were still in the trial were lined out with the team of guns. As the drive started the dogs were soon tested and it all became a bit too exciting for some of the dogs.
As the Judges put the dogs through their paces and stretched them with long retrieves over the drilled field and through maize we were left with 4 dogs for a final walk up. It wasn’t long before the judges called TRIAL OVER.
First Place :- Norman Onens with Glengad Credrick at kestrelway
Second Place :- Russell Hodgen with Leacaz Thorn
Third Place :- Vikki Stanley with Minstead Reacher
COM Richard Bramwell & also Guns choice
Thank you to the wonderful team of guns, fabulous helpers and the incredible Dove Valley Team for helping the trial to run so Huge thank you to Bob Seaman for bringing the trailer and helping with all that goes on behind the scenes.
Jayne for all your Admin support & sorting the food for the trial.