21st May - Novice and Open AV Spaniel

Today Dove Valley Working Gundog club held their Novice and Open AV Spaniel test at the magnificent Roanlodge in which we are extremely grateful to Lesley Morgan for her kind permission.
The day started exactly how it ended… lots of laughter and glorious sunshine! The morning gave us a gentle breeze but by afternoon it was still.
Todays success is in huge thanks of Janey Beharrell, having organised the day down to a T and handing this over to Jane Burton who rallied the troops on the day, Jane is a long standing supporter of Dove Valley.
As always, we owe a huge thanks to our helpers, nothing goes unnoticed and we’re extremely grateful for their support.
Thank you to the judges for giving up your day to spend it with us and providing constructive feedback for both novice and open dogs, Chris Durkin and Jonathan South.
Thank you to our Sponsors: Sporting Saint - Gundog Training Equipment Twicebrewed Twines and Skinner's
With that said, the results were as followed:
🥇- 1st - Kieran Slater with Dance River Penny
🥈- 2nd - Adrian Allbrighton with Ferni Hollow Black Pearl
🥉- 3rd -David Moore with Gorsebay Raphina
🏅- 4th - Haley Clarkson with Osterlow Summer Rose
🏵️ - COM - Andrew Davidson with MacDhaibhidh Nsky Jessica
🏵️ - COM - Stephen Wilshaw with Bucklawren Bubble
🏵️ - COM - Samantha Harper with Tufftyke Tyson
🥇- 1st - Stewart Cameron with Eborakon Cassie of Sunshot
🥈- 2nd - Rhiannon Atkin with Rushbrigg Nursie of Menaidreamer
🥉- 3rd -Alison Payne with Bythams Potters Railway
🏅- 4th - Paul Woodcock with Rushivy Amy
🏵️ - COM - Stuart England with Tufftyke Tic Tac
Thank you all once again, those that are attending our spaniel training classes which begin this week… have fun, enjoy it and make the most of it! 🐾