27th November 2023 - Open Cocker Field Trial

156th Field Trial Meeting
Open Cocker Trial for 16 Dogs
A very damp and chilly day saw 16 competitors arrive at Bretby Park for the Open Cocker Stake with kind permission of Mrs S MacDonald of Sleat and Keeper and Steward of the Beet Matt Smith. A good show of birds in the cover crop kept our team of guns, Graham Burton, Dave Ross, Josh Warburton and John Gainey on their toes with judges Jack Illiffe, Mark Whitehouse, Steve Adams & Andy Whitehouse able to see the dogs at work.
Julia Bott, Jane Burton and Haley Clarkson kept the competitors in order, ensuring a smooth Trial along with game carriers Robert Wood and Stephen Jackson.
The dogs had a very difficult challenge ahead of them in the deep beet to flush the birds hiding from the rain; who could blame them given the very wintery feel of the day with constant cold rain and a dank grey sky. As ever, the energetic cockers, maintained a very high work rate and were full of enthusiasm and the conditions certainly did not dampen their performance. The guns shot impeccably the reluctant birds, flushed by the hard working little dogs; it was a pleasure to watch.
A great Team from Dove Valley, all giving support and encouragement to me for my first Trial, many many thanks to all, Garry Watson, Cherryl Jones, Vanessa King, James Barnes, Bob Seaman and Helen for her skills on the breakfast barbeque.
All in all it was a great trial with the two award winners standing out and being very worthy of their trophies.
After a warming lunch, tightly packed in the tent out of the rain, the awards were made as follows.
PS. Anyone wanting the soup recipe, please do get in touch!!
1st - receiving the Open Cocker Trophy donated by Tony Horobin and the Shamrock Trophy for Guns Choice
Matthew Brown – Breckmarsh Larson
2nd – receiving the Melissa Stubbs Runners Up Trophy and the Tasco Trophy for Best Retrieve
Natalie Cannon – Crainwarn Tinkers Serenade
Many thanks to our Sponsors, Skinners, BASC, Twicebrewed Twines and Sporting Saint.