30th January - AV Spaniel Trial

A wonderful end the the Trialling Season for Dove Valley with the AV Spaniel 16 Dog Stake at Cubley. A full card, with plenty still in reserve, the day started with delicious bacon and sausage baps, kindly cooked by General Secretary Bob Seaman and Helen. Julia Bott Chief Stewarded the day, ably assisted by Jane Burton, Heather Clarke and Helen Fern. Our Judges John Sexton and John Eyre along with Head Keeper Shane Wood took the first 8 handlers, dogs and guns Paul Woodcock, John Gainey, Philip Walton and Jon Fern in the trusty Gun Bus, whilst the Gallery hung back to see what unfolded. Plenty of birds in some cover crop, followed by some thick cover in the wood, the dogs all had to work hard. The Gallery joined the others on the edge of the wood, where a few dropped by, but the handlers all re-appeared with smiles, pleased with how their dogs had performed, but knew there was plenty still to work on. More woodland, a long walk through some game crop and a run off between two dogs, the Trail was over at 2pm.
A fabulous day, the birds were plentiful, the guns shot brilliantly and there was plenty of friendly banter, chat and comradeship along with way. Thank you to all for making the first season as Field Trial Secretary for me so enjoyable and helping me along with way.
1st - Harpersbrook Poacher - Mark Clifford
2nd - Chinachgook Cracksman - Ian Clarke
3rd - Megholmoll Gigsey - Peter Dobie
4th - Kenxtwen Cosmic Dream of Cheweky - Mark Whitehouse
CoM Kentwone Fanta - Tony Moir
Soneycairn Pinot Noir - Mark Craddock winning Keepers Choice
Syncerus Selubrious - Donna Kilford also winning Guns Choice
Syncerus Scoundrel - Graham Burton
Eborakon Cassie of Sunshot - Stewart Cameron