5th December - Open AV Spaniel Trial

Dove Valley Working Gundog Club
157th Field Trial – Open AV Spaniel (Except Cocker) 16 Dogs
Cubley Estate, Ashbourne
5th December 2023
The day started grey and damp, and was mighty wet underfoot following all the snow and rainfall Derbyshire had experienced in the last few days. The temperature however, had risen slightly and by the time we reached the first wood, the air cleared and the rain stayed away for the rest of the day. We were even lucky enough at one point to see the sun appear!
The birds, a little reluctant to start with after their damp night, soon flew well, and the team of guns performed well to allow the dogs to be seen.
Awards were plentiful, the table looked splendid with its array of silver and rosettes.
Barry Faley – Skitter Waggy of Lindro winning the Westray Trophy and the Jeff Maidment Memorial Trophy, along with the Mossy Brook Trophy for Best Hunting Dog
Damien Riley – Lindowmoor Hurricane awarded the BASC Runners Up Trophy and was also awarded Keepers Choice given by Shane Wood.
Ryan Tomlinson – Kipperidge Chief
Ryan Tomlinson – Lindowmoor Cherry
Richard Wells – Marktgate Darling also awarded the Wanfield Trophy for Guns Choice
Stephen McGuire – Mulraven Mismark
Stephen Bolton – Dashbrook Typhoon
Oliver Brierley – Northdeanwood Beth
Adam Brown – Gemraer Don Dynamo
Richard Bramwell – Shilveck Fabbri of Finno
Many thanks once again to the army of helpers, without whom I would be lost! Julia Bott, Jane Burton, Heather Clarke, Rob Wood, Lyndsay Herman, Lisa Jenkins, Helen Fern. Thanks to our team of guns, led by Graham Burton, Dave Ross, Ian Ross & Paul Woodcock. But most of all, thank you to the Hon Mr & Mrs David Legh landowner and the Head Keeper, Shane Wood who kept the day running smoothly, and kept us all amused with his wonderful stories.
The Dove Valley Team once again with the help of Kim Jones, kept everyone fed and watered well throughout the day, thank you Bob, Vanessa, Cherryl, & Garry.
Many thanks to our valued sponsors, Skinners, Sporting Saint, Twicebrewed Twines and BASC.