Retriever Training Classes

Training Class Details

Please note training classes are open to Members only

Please note that the trainers selected to train each group in our classes are experienced dog handlers and have both Judged and competed within the competitive gundog world. The training will focus on preparing dogs for the Working Test and Field Trial arena and for the shooting field. This is not obedience training and we do expect you and your dog to have had some sort of formal training and be trustworthy with other dogs both on and off the lead. We reserve the right to ask a handler to remove any dog that is disruptive or acts in a manner likely to be to the detriment of other dogs in the class. No Bitches in season will be allowed to attend the classes

 Training will take place on Wednesday evenings in Kingstone, Uttoxeter on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 17th May
  • Wednesday 24th May
  • Wednesday 31st May
  • Wednesday 7th June
  • Wednesday 14th June
  • Wednesday 21st June

The end of season training class working test and Barbeque will be held at Cubley Estate on Sunday 2nd July 2023 starting at 1:00pm

Classes will start at 6:30 promtly, however please arrvive for 6:15pm to allow for necessary preperations

We will attempt to put dogs and their handlers in a suitable class relating to the information that you have sent in on your entry form, however we will review this at the end of the first session and may move dogs to a more suitable class at that time.

Please note that these are not obedience classes but training classes relating to working dogs in the shooting field and subsequently all dogs must have received some kind of formal training.

If you have any queries at all relating to the retriever training classes please contact Vanessa King at



 Training classes are £75 in total for all 6 evenings

 Payment can be made via the following paypal link: 


To send £75 to us via paypal please click here

BACS Transfer

Please use SURNAME and RETTR as reference AND your membership ID

Sort Code: 30-91-47

Acount Number: 00705632

Training Class Entry Form

Entries are completed online and payment is via any of the methods above.

The cost of the training classes will be £ 75.00

Please enter RET TRG and your name in the identification box when paying.

You will get a confirmation of your entry with directions of the training venues.

Please do not enter a dog which is less than 9 months old on 17/5/23

Puppy class: Your puppy can walk to heel on and off lead, a recall, is sociable around other dogs in a group environment and has a basic introduction to retrieving

Young dog/Novice (in addition to the above): Will retrieve marks, memory and blind retrieves. Has some introduction to directional work and experience in water

Novice (in addition to the above): Experienced retrieving. Steady to several dummies thrown and around other dogs working. Steady to shot.

We are defining puppies as dogs that are over 9 months old (on 17/5/23 and not any younger) and under 18 months and have a basic level of training. Should you have a dog within these ages that can walk off the lead with other dogs and is capable of recall then you should enter the Young dog class.

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